Four charged in car theft ring; but un-pictured and even un-named by state-owned CBC & TorStar.

I just thought it was noticeable and questionable that at least a couple of major “news” media outlets that covered the big Peel Regional Police news conference today on the latest massive car theft ring — a news conference accompanied by an official police news release complete with photos and names of the four lads — left out any photos and in some cases, even the names of those charged. CityNews did. Toronto Sun did. CTV did.

The state-owned CBC failed to report either the names or the photos, and Star also did not (although they included the police presser YouTube video if you were inclined to watch it in addition to reading about it). I find it a strange way of conducting journalism.

This car-theft problem is basically completely out of control (like so many other things). In southern Ontario, tens of thousands — tens of thousands — of cars have been stolen, worth tens of millions of dollars, only very recently. I’d love to know who is behind it. You’d love to. We all need to. I think it’s weird some news media doesn’t think we do.

We know they love photos. A day doesn’t go by when they don’t stick four or six photos of Justin Trudeau on their pages and on our screens. And certainly, more often than not, they love to plaster the photos of anyone charged with notable crimes all over their news. It’s sort of their thing. Figure they’ll picture Donald Trump in as many poses as possible if he is indicted? I figure. (I suspect if Justin Trudeau were ever indicted, they’d place a nice photo of Pierre Poilievre all over their news, for reasons inexplicable.)

So here, thanks to the Peel Regional Police, is the photo they supplied and offered, for free, to the “news” media, complete with the names. The Star and CBC can grab from here if they want.

The cars were reportedly destined for the United Arab Emirates.

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