Don’t say ass.

Coming soon! ...but you can still say "shotgun" for now.

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The Article

A bit of a hangover from yesterday’s article I posted, which included an extra tidbit near the end about the Associated Press (where the emphasis is on the Ass) and their embarrassing (again with the ass) lesson on how we’re supposed to speak and write now, in their woke hive mind.

Check it out. I added to it since yesterday with updates. I’ll wait here.

I’m just surprised the left’s wokies and the Big “News” Media industrial complex — given their aversion to guns and their proclivity for banning guns and even words that offend their ideology — haven’t attempted to “ban” the word “shotgun” in common parlance, or as used in this way which “glorifies” them and is used to sell movies:

But, see, when it benefits them, especially financially, or in terms of glory or power, it’s assumed to be OK. Let’s pray J-Lo doesn’t get shot by some lunatic in real life, because according to the sometimes-used rules of the “news” media, and the Left more generally, they’d have to blame the Globe and Mail and everyone else who used this word or the phrase “shotgun wedding”, but blame especially J-Lo herself who agreed that the name of her new movie should be… Shotgun Wedding.

Remember a few years ago when a Congressman was shot by a lunatic, and virtually every single reporter and commentator in the left-aligned “news” media and the adjacent left-wing political family immediately (and hideously, embarrassingly, mindlessly, stupidly, grotesquely…) tried to blame Sarah Palin for it, on the objectively insane basis that some of her campaign advertising included the use of “targets” on a map of the country? It was one of the stupidest — and actually, most dangerous — bits of “journalism” I’d ever seen.

But five minutes later, when Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Bro, the left were all NEVERMIND!

They haven’t improved. They’re going to have to ban the word “ass,” because it so clearly describes them. If they try, we know where to shove it.

Like so many political gaffes and outright malfeasance, think of how they rushed to condemn Trump as a threat to national security — nay, global security which was surely put in great peril — and for which he surely had to be arrested and jailed — because some classified docs were found at Mar-a-Lago. It is a bad thing, to be sure, don’t get me wrong. And he handled it extremely poorly, as is his gross habit.

But then, as if it were a message from God, Joe Biden was found to have classified docs too, and in multiple locations, and from years ago and right up to when he ended his Vice-Presidency. And he must have known it, all that time. Turns out he was a serial collector of classified documents, some stored in his garage with all the beach house gear and the Corvette oil, where Hunter could grab at them for his totally innocuous, innocent, kind-hearted purposes having nothing to do with Biden family enrichment™.

But as if on cue, the left-aligned “news” media and the left politicos (but I repeat myself, yadda) then made all sorts of hideous excuses, because they’re total ass bites who cannot be trusted. Here’s one they could only have pulled out of their backsides (I’ve reformed!) from just yesterday. It’s an ongoing, all-out effort amongst the entire Left so it will go on like this until we’re all good and re-educated and thinkin’ right. Even from Canada, in aid of their fellow lefties down south:

Are they even embarrassed at their perfidy? The answer is no.

Yes, the “news” media is as guilty of these “gaffes” as political parties are. And they keep doing it, over and over, which makes them not just guilty, but also stupid; or worse, and this is what I suspect, they know exactly what they’re doing. They could only be gaslighting us or trolling us, which is worse than stupid because it’s actually nefarious. All the more so because they get, or seek (in Global News’s case) taxpayer supports and bailouts. They think we’re stupid (and some of us are, judging by the voting patterns). I think they’re having a laugh. Are you having a laugh? – YouTube

These latest Trump-then-Biden classified docs history re-writes won’t stop the future gaslighting either. It’s just more practice for them. Going back to that assssssinine “target” caper in which they literally tried to blame Sarah Palin for a lunatic shooting, the state-owned CBC and their Evan Solomon joined in at the time, every bit as fallaciously, directly blaming or insinuating Sarah Palin. But even while doing that, they were themselves caught in the crosshairs, as it were, and, shall we say, they had their finger on the trigger. (Yes we shall say that).

But Solomon shamelessly blew it off like it was just a nothingburger. I wrote a short piece at the time, 13 years ago. Enjoy more of the ideological morass in which the “news” media has mired itself: CBC’s “Power & Politics” show regular segment: “The Firing Line” – with crosshairs on government! – PTBC (

“The Firing Line” was quietly dropped as a segment despite it being such a “nothingburger.” As we know, Solomon was himself handed his derriere (as The French say) and was “on the firing line” from the state-owned broadcaster for committing misdeeds having nothing to do with this bit of classless excuse-making and ass-covering.

You think things have improved over the past 13 years? Of course not. These guys are just getting better and better at kicking your ass.

You can say ass.

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