I don’t have much today but I found this series of tweets to be pretty interesting in a cultural kind of way. And I strive to give you your money’s worth.

It seems the nobs at some British museums suddenly, collectively, all got wind of the fact that elites such as them — or anyone who claims to be “trans” or “intersectional,” etc. — can change words or the meaning of words pretty much on a whim, as a matter of style or woke culture necessity. All ya do is call up CNN, and viola, word-be-gone. Or word changed meaning.

Don’t worry, it’s not “banned” yet (I always get a kick out of anyone who presumes they can “ban” my use of any word, although I’m fully cognizant that they really do think they do have that power and authority over you and me.)

The British Museum told CNN in a statement that it “hasn’t banned the use of the term ‘mummy’ and it is still in use across our galleries.”

Oh phew. Now, don’t rest too easy though. It always starts this way. First, they say “it’s not banned,” and then ten seconds later you’re accused of having a “republican freakout” or you’re “inventing a culture war” or you’re spreading “conspiracy theories” and being a “member” of “Q-Anon.” Then suddenly you’re fired for saying the verboten word, and Justin Trudeau and Kristia Freeland freeze your bank account and claim you have “unacceptable views,” and whatnot.

But lo and behold, on the same day they started their effort at canceling the word “mummy,” news of an actual mummy started showing up in the Twitter machine (which critics had promised us would itself be rendered into mummified remains by this time last month). The news media was slow to read the memo, however.

It wasn’t until late in the day that one obedient “news” media org started falling into line and joining what I assure you will soon be a hegemon not unlike the gas stove hilarity. (Note that they didn’t do it right here, either. They’re supposed to go with the actual name of the mummy or mummies — not just call them “tombs.”)

There were other unrelated instances of our betters declaring that our old ways are wrong and colonial or white supremacisty or racist (or whatever). The Associated Press, where the emphasis is often on the Ass, declared we’ve been doing this other thing wrong all this time. “We” being the people, the uneducated people especially, the French (for some reason), and the stupids, like you.

Stop saying “the woke socialists, the cultists, and the idiots?” The hell I will.

OOPS! The next day, AP deleted the tweet. They’re surrender monkeys.

And of course, the reactions are priceless. (Or should I say “reactions which occurred are priceless”?) This one sums its up:

The hilarity goes on.

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