Tweetpoo for Tuesday January 24 2023

OK ! I’m good! I’m now more than fully cognizant that it’s “Lunar New Year” in China and such places. I’m sure I don’t need yet another tweet from any politicians signaling that they, too, have indeed dutifully attended one Lunar NY event or another, and yet another — almost always with yet another photo attached.

And I notice on my timeline it’s almost exclusively politicians who are tweeting about this. I don’t think one other person I follow has tweeted about the “Lunar New Year.” Well OK, the “news” media is tweeting about it incessantly too, because they’ll tweet anything other than one of the many issues surrounding Trudeau or Biden, and this is a great distraction. Especially since if you don’t agree, you’re racist™, etc.

Yup! Got it!

But at least Pierre Poilievre was tweeting and attaching photos about… Pierre Poilievre. I’ve often said that the “news” media in Canada can’t go through a day — an hour, even — without digging through their stacks and stacks of 8,650,967,000 photos of their beloved leader, Justin Trudeau, and sticking it on the front page, or atop their column, or “news” story, or tweet, or whatever. And almost always, it’s a carefully chosen full-on “glam shot” — even when the story is that he’s been found to be in yet another ethics violation or another one of his cabinet has done something wrong again. But here we have a story about Pierre Polilievre, and STILL they attach what I gather they think is a “dreamy” shot of their wonderboy —having literally nothing to do with the story.

These people may have an illness of some kind.

The “news” media’s biggest player in print on the west coast is Postmedia’s Vancouver Sun, which now seems to be kind of piggy-backing on the “freeness” of Twitter to advertise — for free (that’s not what Musk meant by “free speech!”). But they’re advertising the advertisers who are paying them — the Vancouver Sun or Postmedia — but not paying Twitter — for the ads. I think Elon Musk might see this as a scam, much as I do. He may want to adjust some rules of play because he’s literally allowing Twitter to be used by a commercial for-profit account that is advertising crap for free while the account owner gets paid for the ad.

And with “newsy” tweets like these (“This Just In”!!!!) which appeared one after the other in my timeline, how we can NOT take the “news” media seriously? Well, at least they didn’t stick another Trudeau picture on there to advertise him any more than they already do, even though he or his government also pays them, um, off

Speaking of Postmedia, purely by coincidence, the next thing I saw in my timeline was a bunch of tweets like this. (And by the way, this might have been an opportune time to feature a photo of your beloved Justin Trudeau. And I’m not even kidding.)

It’s not a happy day for them or for me, as I don’t want to see anyone lose their job if they do a good honest day’s work. But I gotta say… I’d love to be the one who got to decide which “editorial staff” I’d lay off. And here’s my hot take on what I just said (if that’s allowed): if I got to decide who to fire, and then later when things improve in the economy (like after the next election when Trudeau/Freeland are also fired), who to hire, they’d probably end up making more money, and needing less from the abovementioned Trudeau government in the form of taxpayer bailouts.

Oh and this hilarity happened today…

It was a toss-up between that and “Don’t say TikTok.” Either way, it’s Tweetpoo, I fully acknowledge.


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