CBC’s “Power & Politics” show regular segment: “The Firing Line” – with crosshairs on government!

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The Article

Seriously.  The host, Evan Solomon, who just got through spending the first hour and a half of his daily show (in which “The Firing Line” is a daily feature) saying the name “Sarah Palin” approximately 8,000 times, along with “tea party”, “Republicans”, “right-wing rhetoric” and so on, all in conflation with the murderous rampage of the shooter in Arizona, even admitted he does realize there is some “hypocrisy” at play here.  To which he basically said, “so, whatever.”  Seriously.  He actually said that.

Hypocrisy, he says.  Well you don’t say.  On the state-owned, anti-conservative CBC.

Here are some of my screen captures from today’s “The Firing Line”, in which they take aim at Conservatives and their policies using that same host, whose name is, I think, Evan Sarah Palin Solomon, and two left-wing pundits, with one guy from the Conservative party “on the firing line”, right in the crosshairs, as seen below.

CBC show segment called The Firing Line - complete with crosshairs

CBC show segment called The Firing Line - complete with crosshairs

CBC show segment called The Firing Line - complete with crosshairs

What a preposterous lie these people live every day.

Joel Johannesen
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