Reader Daniel T. forwarded this reminder this morning with this note:

Comment from sender: Hi Joel: I just saw this ad, and it looks like it will be fabulous. Sarah Palin and Family heading a guided tour of Alaska. Fishing expeditions, mountain trail hiking, whitewater rafting (no, not the Clinton variety) even a hunting expedition. *Gasp* Ex-Governors in the wild! Ex-Governors with guns! I predict the Left will have multiple cows over this. What can Obama do to top this? An eight-week series entitled “Barrack Obama’s Chicago”? … There’s going to be more heads exploding on the Left after Sarah Palin’s Alaska than in all the Cronenburg movies put together.

It’s an eight-part series — sort of like when the state-owned CBC does eight-part series on their taxpayer-funded “Passionate Eye” program.  The differences in this case are that “Palin’s Alaska” promises to be fun to watch, we might learn something, it’s produced without a cent of taxpayer cash by privately-employed folks (though maybe the producers got tax credits!), it will be broadcast on a commercial cable channel which also isn’t state-owned and state-run, and it celebrates a conservative and her life and the place she lives.  And it isn’t hosted by any state employees like Micha

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