The People’s (very funny) Voice: and Olivia Chow

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The Article

We were amused at the Toronto Star – inarguably a liberal-left newspaper – endorsing not the socialist Olivia Chow for mayor of Toronto in the October 27 election, but rather the not-socialist John Tory. They risibly describe Tory as a “Olivia_Chow-NDPcaring conservative.” You know, “caring”, because most aren’t “caring.”

This is a goodie on at least a couple of levels: (1) that they’d endorse anybody who is even remotely conservative which John Tory is (emphasis on the “remotely”); and (2) that they could muster the rare courage to type the words “caring” and “conservative” together, in one article, much less one sentence. Of course overriding all of this humor is that they didn’t endorse Olivia Chow.

One can only take from this that they are holding their noses and swallowing; endorsing John Tory over what we could presume they must think is an absolutely awful Olivia Chow. Awful even to them. And we could extend this presumption to mean that they simply don’t trust the abilities of Olivia Chow, since we’re certain that they endorse her politics of the far-left.

The National Post also endorsed John Tory. No shocker there. They are merely liberal, rather than liberal-left. Same with the liberal Globe and Mail.

But Olivia Chow can find some comfort in one publication, which by our reading of it (although it’s complicated), seems to endorse Peoples_Voice-FrontOlivia Chow. Or at least they don’t hate her or think she’s awful. It’s the Communist Party of Canada’s newspaper called “The People’s Voice.”  Their bio:

The Communist Party of Canada, formed in 1921,
has a proud history of fighting for jobs, equality, peace,
Canadian independence, and socialism.”

They never come out and say they endorse her per se, but do come out in favor of “progressives” taking over Toronto and, of course, the world.

Communists are progressives too! Yup! They call themselves progressives, just like socialists like the NDP do, and all liberals do. They’re all progressives. By our reading, that membership could include Tory and not a few “Tories” too, but we digress.

Here a quote leading up to what we think is their almost-endorsement (our bolding) that had us laughing up our Jack Daniel’s:

The Fords have also made racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-communism acceptable!

Wow! All those bad things – and “anti-communism” too?!  And wut? Being anti-communism used to be acceptable in this country?  When was that?  Whenever I run into one, I wholly reject him immediately. My father fought to kill them in a war. So.

Then they make more funny:

In all the important things, John Tory and the Ford brothers are on the same page. They both support privatization, contracting out, and disciplining public sector unions.

The “progressives” all speak of privatizing things and keeping public-sector unions in check as if this is a bad thing. Which is funny. But don’t forget the commies have exactly, precisely, the same sentiment about these things as all NDP and nearly all Liberals. It loses its funny real fast when you remember that. So, sorry.

But anyway, we’ve ruled out their endorsement of Ford or Tory… so here’s as close as they come to sort-of endorsing Chow:

The election of progressive majorities at City Councils across the province is also very important. Toronto has had a right‑wing majority since 2010. Can it be replaced by a progressive majority on October 27? We certainly hope so.

Well not exactly a ringing endorsement. But then Olivia Chow doesn’t deserve a ringing endorsement from anybody.  She doesn’t get one from many. But as we’ve said throughout this campaign, the real news about this Toronto Mayor’s race is that there are any people voting for Olivia Chow at all.

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