Tea Party Report: I Met a 15-Year-Old Christian Girl With More Nerve Than Most Ministers

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The Article

This past Thursday I was let out of my cage and allowed to emcee the Palm Beach Tea Party, and thankfully it went off without a hitch. Yep, it was a fantastic patriotic throw down that would have warmed the cockles of even the most pessimistic curmudgeon’s heart. It was b-e-you-ti-ful.

There were no freaky dipstick Tea Party crashers in attendance (I was kinda hoping for some, honestly). The South Florida weather was stunning (which is why we live here). The music provided by Oscar Sastoque and MiamiFitnessConnection and the live sounds supplied by Billy Bones of BillyBones were unbelievable (you’ve got to check out Billy’s new song, “Freedom”). The various guest speakers, including our keynote Col. Allen West—whom I believe should be the next President and is the liberals’ worst nightmare—were all in fine game form.

Indeed, all our speakers and attendees stood ready and giddy to crush all the goofy house and senate progressives and pathetic RINO pukes who are equally intent on ruining our nation at the polls this next November. Yes, my little children, our Tea Party rocked. I hope yours did as well.

One of the many cool things that the rowdy Giles Tribe and I experienced was the pleasure of hearing a 15-year-old Christian girl speak out about her love for God and—I said and—her love for this country, as well as the necessity for Christians and patriots to oppose Obama’s hostile takeover of our freedom and funds.

Here’s a portion of 15-year-old Ariel Waldron’s speech she blistered us with last Thursday:

  Kids . . . teens. . . I’m here to tell you tonight that, yes, you do have a voice. Your life doesn’t start when you’re eighteen; it starts now. We see what’s happening in the world, in our world, so why can’t we say something about it? Heck, why can’t we do something about it? This is our world too, right?

We see all the corruption that’s happening today, corruption that will affect OUR FUTURE! And it’s already happening now. Our future is disappearing before it’s even beginning. Taxes are going up; our Constitutional rights are gradually being taken away; the healthcare bill has actually passed. This is America; this isn’t supposed to be happening, right? This is the land of the free, not the land of the government tells me what to do! Last time I checked, we were still a democracy.

So, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit here and do nothing, let someone else take care of it? Because I guarantee you if that’s the kind of attitude you have, that’s the kind of attitude others will have, and we’ll get absolutely NOTHING done.

People want change but are too afraid to take the risk to make it happen. Kids, are we too afraid of what people think of us because of our age that we’re going to let our rights and our country be sacrificed? Are we going to let what the world thinks of us stop us from making a difference? I hope that you’re thinking, “Heck NO!” 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” You set the trend and have others follow you. Make the world take a step back and see that you can make a difference.

There are so many people here tonight, and each one of you came for some reason or another, but one common reason is this: You came to make a difference. So I’ll ask you this: Can you handle it? Will you come together, let your voice be known, speak up for what you believe in? Will you push back, will you follow what’s right, or just stand by and watch over 200 years of work by our founding fathers be diminished?

If you don’t like what’s happening in Washington, help put a stop to it. Don’t just sit there wishing things were different. Let your voice be heard. Even if you affect just one person’s life, if your voice is heard by one person then their voice will be heard by one person, and you’ve just paid it forward; you’ve made a difference. My favorite verse, Philippians 4:13, says this, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” You can do anything you set your mind to. You’ve just got to put it into action, and here’s how: You have a voice; use it. Thank you.

Y’know, as a Christian minister who has watched political correctness castrate many pastors across our nation, I have to say that little 15-year-old Xena Warrior Princess Ari Waldron has bigger cojones, metaphorically speaking, than most preachers (especially the nasty TV kind), Christian entertainers (whatever the heck that is), and definitely more than the low-rent Christian radio program directors who won’t touch anything politically controversial because they’re little, spineless, neutered $40k a year fools.

Somehow, somewhere pastors have decided not to speak out against political corruption and instead retreat into their quaint Christian ghetto on the sidelines of life and remain silent as our nation sinks into socialism.

Thank God there’s a new generation of Bonhoeffers out there led by folks like Ari who believe that they should not only lead souls to Christ but also protect and defend this great American experiment with sass and ardent passion.

Stay righteously defiant, Ari. Our nation depends on young people like you.

(Check out my latest video: Pastors & Politics: The Silence of The Lambs)

Doug Giles

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