Tax Freedom Day 2021 is one week LATER than just last year.

Tax Freedom Day for 2021 falls on Victoria Day this year. And Queen Victoria would not be amused.

It falls a full week later than last year, meaning Canadians now work for their ever-growing government instead of themselves and their families, for yet another full week, before finally working for themselves. Another week out of only 52 in a year. That’s how quickly things are spiraling out of control. And we haven’t even been hit with the 2021 spending blitz that has been budgeted by the Liberals (if you can call spending like there’s no tomorrow “budgeting”).

According to the annual Fraser Institute report:

  • If the average Canadian family had to pay its taxes up front, it would have worked until May 23 to pay the total tax bill imposed on it by all three levels of government (federal, provincial, and local).
  • This means that Tax Freedom Day, the day in the year when the average Canadian family has earned enough money to pay the taxes imposed on it, falls on May 24.
  • Tax Freedom Day in 2021 comes seven days later than in 2020, when it fell on May 17. This change is due to the expectation that the total tax revenue forecasted by Canadian governments will increase faster than the incomes of Canadians.

Some Canadians, like all those who vote NDP, and most of the Liberal voters too, would like you all to pay the government even more before letting you keep the money you earned, as they keep demanding more and more government spending (of your money), and more and more government, and more and more control over you and your profligate ways. (Actually, and this is a fact: many of them would like to simply take some of your “excess” money, transfer it to them, because that’s only “fair.”)

If I understand some of the more woke ones correctly, if they had it their way, Tax Freedom Day would be cancelled, declared to be a construct of white supremacist colonizers, and it would moved to Christmas Day — or “Happy-Tree Festivus” or whatever the lefties call Christmas these days. Whatever date they deem “fair” and “inclusive,” and “diverse.”

I think QV would be wondering why things are going so wrong and in such the wrong direction, in the Dominion of Canada that looked so promising just a few years before.

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