Search and ye shall find PTBC. (10-5-21 edition)

Here are some search terms people used to get to PTBC recently via Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and Yahoo, mostly. This, according to WP statistics, a plugin service I employ to track data. Sometimes it’s hard to figure, but yes, there are articles here pertaining to these search terms, or at least the search engines thought so, which is why the people searching were directed here. But in some cases, I can’t figure out which article.

Some of the searches and the result they got show the importance of context, among other things.

And no, spelling apparently doesn’t count anymore.

  • discuss family the bedrock of the society
  • where to find hookers vic bc  [presumabely leading to this 2007 article: “Visit VICTORIA BC – hookers hookers hookers!“]
  • canadian liberal brainwashed
  • ndp canada defund the military
  • tax freedom day 2021
  • is senator Yuen Pau Woo Canadian born
  • Sen. Yuen Pau Woo
  • what year did Cnada send tanks to Afganistan
  • liberal party scandel
  • conservative news canada
  • cbc is state run media
  • how impartial is amnisti international
  • canada on track to be worse than US
  • Canada absolutely sucks as a country mainly because of the liberal government  [I swear these are not made up by me]
  • victims of communism day liberal position
  • who owns purolater
  • victoria bc escorts  [possibly hopefully same guy as above who saught “where to find hookers vic bc”]
  • green tag on trudeaus lapel
  • family values with breaking the cycles
  • is the CBC considered a state media
  • Obama New Home in Martha Vineyard 15M
  • does rogers have fox news
  • trudeau lies
  • how to support a socialist canada  [Quite sure we offer no information on this]
  • big boobs twitter leftist [Quite sure we offer no information on this]
  • large breasted activists [Quite sure we offer no information on this]
  • whatt stations broafcadt us limbaugh
  • trudeau little potatoe
  • does canada post own purolator [yes]
  • why is trudeau a jerk
  • list of trudeau lies point form
  • sex in nfld  [it’s available coast to coast]

…And I could go on.

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