PTBC Now Ad-Free

Because we make way too much money already

Summer updates:

⊕ Nobody has emailed me to ask if I died. I haven’t posted many articles aside from the new, NEW!, NEW!! News Roundup (see below), and yet the public outcry has not been huge. Nobody has sent me flowers. No condolences. Duly noted!  Fact is, I’m not done with the summer holidays —summer being a holiday in and of itself. Summer’s also not done with me.

I have removed all the paid ads from PTBC. At least for now. I was using Google Ads and for our ad revenue (or I should say ad revenue), and have for years. My line is “they don’t deserve us,” and that’s the line I’m stickin’ with. How to fill the income gap? I hear New York may need a new governor. California too. As a Canadian, tho, I hear we are in desperate need of a new PM in order to avoid some pretty serious degradation of our nation. So whoever runs and wins should send me their money.

As you may have noticed I started a new thing — well actually a news thing — called News Roundup, which is exactly what it implies it is (unlike, say, Justin Trudeau). This is experimental but those of you who have been visiting over the years know that I and others working here have done this news thing, on and off, at least a couple of times. Sometimes serious, sometimes news quippy. So we’re in the “on again” mode now. I’m still playing with the format and how it presents, but it’s probably here to stay. Who knows where this may lead? (Not to more ad revenue —this we know.) We’ll probably get a huge government grant and stuff on account of it being news. So.

I’m toying with the idea of bringing back some columnists. Even I am sick of reading my stuff. And I love me. So we’ll see.

Please continue to visit, and to write me emails. I include an email form below every article. Even if it is summer, I do appreciate them and reply as often as I can in between beers.

Joel Johannesen
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