Pro-abortion “choice” advocates staple anti-Christian hate posters in Winnipeg: “God raped Mary”

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The Article

So what do we make of it?

click to read  It’s yet another example of the far left, who deceive us, or try to, into believing they are the tolerant, compassionate ones — the ones who find it an offense in and of itself to offend anyone else particularly on religious grounds, even to the extent of establishing “human rights” (—wink!) courts and councils controlled by themselves and changing our very constitution;  and who also all advocate that abortion is a God-given right (well, OK not so much a “God-given” one as one given them by, um, themselves or their sacred —OK not “sacred” per se government), to secure an abortion — preferably one paid for by all taxpayers — after they made the terrible choice to have sex when they weren’t prepared for the miraculous result.  It turns out this “sex” is how babies are made.  The government made it so.  Well OK not the government, so much, but you know, whomever. 

So their posters, plastered over the Christmas holidays (for no particular reason, no doubt), depict Mary riding a donkey led by Joseph, on their way to one of those women’s “reproductive health” (—wink!) centers that the liberals and other progressives are always on about.

Funny how these leftists are always going on about how rapists and other such accused are “innocent until proven guilty”.  Not in this one case, though, it appears.  Perhaps they should attempt to arrest God and put Him on trial.  I’d love to see how that one turns out.

Meanwhile, the police will protect us.  Well, some of us.  Muslims, for example.  And pro-choice advocates. 

“Police spokeswoman Const. Natalie Aitken said the force has not been asked to investigate.” article

Well golly I sure hope they’re cordially invited to investigate this crime soon — I mean as long as they’re going after other folks. 

And where’s the outrage from the left?  Nowhere.  Crickets. 

Layton?  Suddenly silent.  CBC?  Nothing. 

Fantastic.  Truly amazing and revealing.

Also see headline from this week: “Mounties apologized for Ramadan terror arrests”.

LATE UPDATE: poll just now (Jan 7 /11 5:11 PM PDT)

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