Our Very Own “We have to Pass The Bill Before You Can Find Out What’s In It” — NORTH.


Canada’s Minister of Climate Crisis ‘N National Youth Freakout Strategery, Catherine McKenna, is a little like Democrat Nancy Pelosi of the north. Compare this quote from a Globe and Mail article today concerning the Liberals’ specious climate change promises (which went utterly unchallenged), and the Pelosi video from the Obamacare era fiasco.

The politician’s remarks are par for the course for liberals. But I said it went utterly unchallenged by the media (in both cases), and that’s actually the more important story here, because it speaks directly to media perfidy.

The next sentence was also left to drift away, without questions or challenge from the media:

“Mr. Trudeau sidestepped questions about how he would ensure the targets are met and instead attacked the Conservatives.”

It’s literally their job to challenge the veracity of election promises made by prime ministers and politicians.

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