(More) Crass Hypocrisy by Liberals on (More) Video Display.


Nothing sums up the blatantly hypocritical BS being spewed by liberal politicians these days (in both America and Canada) than this video clip from 1998. Bill Clinton (D) was being impeached at that time for committing an actual felony or felonies, and Jerry Nadler (D) railed against the motion, saying it’s unfair and it’s stealing an election. He once called it a “partisan coup d’état.”

Nadler is now House Judiciary Committee Chairman, and even before getting that post, he was railing for Trump’s impeachment. This tweet is from just after Trump was sworn in (!). Before the Mueller Report was completed — in fact, before it even started.

And we all know how that cute hashtag “#TrumpRussia” turned out. (It was rendered nothing but a cute hashtag, in case you didn’t catch the drift.)

Nadler has (once again) called into question the “legitimacy” of the Trump presidency, and has called for (another) impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, for, well, nobody (including him) is sure exactly what (this time). But don’t worry you guys, none of this is anything like a “partisan coup d’état.”

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