I was busy doing other things today.  I know you missed my witty repartee immensely.  Soon there will be newsquips and notnaked fun.  It will all be so very bold.

Oh hey.  Here’s a thing:  I happened to be watching the state-media news division of the liberal progressive socialists today, which is to say the CBC wing, and they had this guy — a “freelance reporter” (which in this case I take to mean an unemployed and kind of unkempt guy who took a journalism class in juneeya college and is now taking any work he can get, thus the state-owned CBC), reporting from Australia, regarding the floods there.  Terrible thing, those floods.  It’s the “man-made global warming” dontchaknow.

I took some notes.  Here’s what stood out for me.  Here is what I heard:

ya know, sort of, um, and…

…or a combination of two or more o’ those in succession: 

and um, it’s sort of ya know….

I spelled succession wrong in my actual note-taking this morning, as you may be able to see here in this valuable graphic of my actual note-taking:

But how ‘bout that Ignatieff, huh? 


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