Nova Scotia gunman had no license to acquire or possess guns. ILLEGAL.

Some important news today: the Nova Scotia RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather said that the gunman responsible for the murderous mayhem in Nova Scotia, Gabriel Wortman, didn’t have a gun license. It’s important to the discussion.

The Trudeau Liberals have been on a tangent to make Canada’s already tough gun control laws even more prohibitive, if that’s even possible. At the root of it, they on the progressive left have an utter disdain for gun owners (the legal ones!), and gun ownership — the whole culture, the whole idea, really. If I may use a word coined by an ever-so charming albeit failed and intolerant politician of their ilk, they consider gun owners and advocates to be “deplorables.”

It’s a purely ideological play, not a logical one. It’s not the least bit based on science, or evidence, or data. It’s their progressive religion at work, here.

They would just as soon see us all unarmed, weak, and at their mercy. But I’m not for that because I believe in freedom and my other God-given rights.

The problem, clearly, isn’t with legal, law-abiding gun owners and citizens. Nor is it with guns, per se. The problem is with criminals; the gangs, drugs, those with mental issues, and those who commit crimes —these things are the problem. The response to that problem isn’t to penalize innocent, good, law-abiding gun owners, or those who want to be. We don’t want our government penalizing good, law-abiding citizen for purely ideological purposes, to assuage political differences, to punish political opponents, or for the purpose of acquiring more power over people, do we? I fear a little bit of each of those things is exactly what they are after, however.

So I went created a Twitter thread today when I heard the news:


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