No, the state won’t provide you with a “Canada Day” flag. Buy your own.

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The Article

A letter to the editor at the Edmonton Journal, June 24, 2012, exemplifies the increasingly do-nothing, expect everything to be given to you attitude of today’s mollycoddled-by-government, increasingly left-wing, growing entitlement-cultured liberals of today’s Canada.

This politically progressive sickness is a disease that like its name, is growing like a cancer in Canada thanks to letter-writers like this one, and a liberal media, academia, and government which advocates and nurtures it.

National pride on the cheap

Our federal MPs have initiated a Proud to Be Canadian campaign. For Canada Day, July 1, we are instructed to cut out a paper flag and place it in our window. I miss the days when our government gave us real flags.

This government may be proud, but it sure is cheap. The constituents who would cut out those paper flags are. unfortunately, not yet old enough to vote.

Randy B. Williams, St. Albert

Hi Randy B. Williams. I see the headline the Journal gave your letter was “National pride on the cheap.” They’re wrong as usual, being the liberal entitlement culture mongers that they are. You’re the cheap one. You’re also misguided. The heading should have been “Liberalism is a failure, and here’s proof.”  And I’d like to see an editor’s note following it reading “…and we’re so, so sorry, and we promise to change.”

Not only should the government not be involved in most any way (especially with taxpayer cash) with any Canada Day celebrations, which should be left almost entirely to the people on their own, they damn sure shouldn’t provide you with a flag.

I run a web site called “Proud To Be Canadian”, at my own expense. The government never “gave” it to me, although I guess you think they should have. In fact I bet you wish they owned this particular means of production.

The government can’t “give” anybody anything, see, as they have nothing of their own to give. They only have taxpayers’ money, like mine, which they took from Canadians like me. And the government shouldn’t take money from people who are smart and work hard and give it to dumb lazy people who are cheap and are possibly sitting at their computers writing dumb letters and waiting for my money to be delivered to them. People apparently like you.

The government also didn’t “instruct me” to start ProudToBeCanadian, by the way. Because they can’t. It’s a free country. A free country means you’re free to be a total failure and a loser if you chose to. Lamenting not getting a “free” flag from the government is a clue that you’re a loser.

I buy my own flags. You should too. It’s not the government’s role  —  or more accurately, mine as a taxpayer  —  to provide flags  —  or most anything else  —  to you or anybody. It’s your role to provide goods for your own self and your family. And if you can’t, then tough. You can’t have them.

Buy your own damn flags. And although your sentence about those “not yet old enough to vote” is a bizarre non sequitur, buy some for your children and all the neighborhood kids too, if it means so much to you. And if you can’t, then don’t. There’s another clue.

Click to buy a PTBC lapel pin
Click to buy a $10 PTBC lapel pin, the profit from which is mine, not yours.

Also, buy some of my $10 PTBC (ProudToBeCanadian) lapel pins, wherein nearly all of the money you pay me is pure profit for me. And you aren’t entitled to any of it either, by the way, on account of the fact that you didn’t earn it and it’s not yours, it’s mine.

I’m a conservative. A small-c conservative Canadian, and of course I’m proud of it.

And I work for my money. I buy my own stuff with my own money. You should too.

Happy “Canada Day”,
Joel Johannesen

Joel Johannesen
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