PTBC Patriotic Pin

PTBC lapel pin -tinyThe idea is to make exceedingly filthy capitalist profits for PTBC, in addition to demonstrating your Canadian patriotism.  Do it right, with a distinctive, properly right-leaning Canadian flag —as depicted in our PTBC logo. If you don’t like our web site, or you aren’t proud to be Canadian, you can pretend PTBC stands for Progressives Tax Butt Cracks.

See the big pictures below.
• They’re 5/8” across, 1/2” top to bottom.
• They’re black oxidized plating on metal, enamel painted in PTBC colors (essentially our red and white flag atop a navy blue background), with the flag graphic and PTBC letters raised slightly.
• The fastener is a “butterfly” clip on sharp thin pin.

$20.00 each. Cheap at twice the price. Your purchase supports the PTBC web site.


Pay by PayPal using the Add to Cart button, below-left. You don’t need a PayPal account. Through PayPal, you can pay with Visa, Amex, MasterCard, all without revealing any of those account numbers to us.

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PTBC lapel pin -1

PTBC lapel pin -2

PTBC lapel pin -3