News Roundup-ette for Friday Nov 18, 2022. Man-buns sell ETFs? Who f-ing knew?

Apparently, now, “visionary” investors are best represented by MS-DOS-era men (if I may be so bold as to assume he is a man) who have man-buns. I thought having a man-bun was indicative of a non-visionary, the epitome of status-quo, the quintessential fit-in-with-the-trendy-urban crowd guy who if anything, quixotically, actually looked backward and showed how he adored the 1740s.

And “disruptive? Please. That means bucking the trends and throwing a wrench in the current way of doing things, the style or the current trends, yet thou knowest that he doth the garment, beardlings, and man-bunnery of ye crowd masses of yore, circa the year of our Lord 1743. He’s practically adorning the required uniform of today’s urban set. If you really want to be disruptive today, shave, lose the piercings, decide against yet another ugly-ass tattoo, get a nice haircut, wear nice clean clothes and shoes, and don’t wear an f-ing hoodie. And don’t be a woke goomba. This list also applies if one is trying to be an actually successful visionary, not coincidentally.

I’m surprised they didn’t dress him in a hoodie or a sloppy t-shirt and baggy shorts.

I tend to be wary of men or women who look like fruitcakes and choose not to invest in them or what they’re peddling. Not so others, apparently…

The stories about [Democratic Party megadonorbut hush about that, if I understand the official narrative being pushed out there by the “news” media!] Sam Bankman-Fried and his girlfriend and other child-like friends are getting more and more revealing. And by revealing I mean they are more and more exposing the idiocy, or worse, of those geniuses who pumped him up by investing in him — only, of course, after doing what passes for due diligence today (is he woke? INVEST! Does he support ESG? DOUBLE DOWN! Does he support big government and more rules and regulations? INVEST! Is he a good lefty and does he speak in woke word salads? INVEST! I LOVE THIS GUY! THE NEXT J.P. MORGAN! …ad nauseam…).

This is what the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund invested some $125 MILLION in, after reviewing Sam Bank-Fried and FTX’s corporate controls and financial information:

‘Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here,’ writes John J. Ray III, the man appointed as CEO of cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX to guide it through its collapse.

And that’s coming from a man who helped deal with the fallout from the Enron scandal, once the largest corporate bankruptcy in US history. …

—  10 damning revelations about FTX in bankruptcy report – including payments signed off with EMOJIS | Daily Mail Online

I would love to see who else invested. Canada Pension Plan? Other government or pseudo-government entities? And I would love, love, love to learn exactly what the hell was going on with their decisions to invest. Let’s see the paper trail, the analysis in which they derived an “INVEST!” decision, the phone calls, trips to the Bahamas, texts — everything. Any banks or their ETFs or mutual funds involved? I mean I hate to disrupt visionary marketing efforts but…

Who’s funding whom — in all manner of things? It’s often important for bothersome purposes like sovereignty and democracy and that stupid (and in some circles, apparently hated) concept — freedom — to know these things. In this case, it’s the Chinese Communist Party funding 11 federal candidates in Canada in the 2019 election (and likely far beyond). We’re led to believe that the goal of the Chinese was to advance the fortunes of Liberal candidates, for the most part, and to stymie those of Conservatives. But I don’t care, I just want demand to know who they are.

Click to watch the video

Contempt for Chong? Yes. It’s also contempt for YOU, inasmuch as the contemptible Jennifer O’Connell, Parliamentary Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs, represents all Canadians, who deserve a damned forthright answer, forthwith.

As John Robson says, we’ll find out eventually. And it will be ugly.

Doing yeoman’s work in trying to unravel this Chinese interference in our elections debacle is Global News’ Sam Cooper. His latest article provides lots of detail. Toronto businessman allegedly focus of Chinese interference probes: sources |

Words have meanings. Lots of businesses that operate overseas have found this out. And then they adapt. They change the word or brand name they were using.

Hunt-Wesson Foods messed up when it introduced its baked beans in French Canada as “Gros Jos” without realising it was local slang for “big breasts”. It didn’t hurt sales though…

But the Chinese commies are different. Special. Unique. F-ing unique. They change nothin’ for nobody.

As contained within the aforementioned Sam Cooper article, for which I lay Sam Cooper blameless although I’m sure he’s fully aware:

One of the title searches did not turn up any overt connection to Wei. But the second, a low-rise office at 220 Royal Crest Court, a Markham industrial plaza, listed Canada Toronto Fuqing Business Association as its owner. The office building was empty when a Global News reporter visited the location to seek comment on Monday.

I know commies hate private business but I mean they could have named it Toronto Damned Business Association, no :-)?

Hold on. These guys at Global News are playing with me now:

That association has ties to the CTCCO: Wei and another CTCCO leader are named on its website as their permanent honorary chairmen. An employee told Global News on Monday that Wei also could not be reached at a Toronto business address listed on the Fuqing website.

Some people call this site “that f-ing PTBC website.” They spell it diffrent-like. But I mean come on. Even the Global News editors and Sam Cooper must be laughing, at this point. Yet go on they do, now sounding like they’re mad at the group!:

The Fuqing group was started in June 2019, its website said, under the guidance of the United Front Work Department and various Fujian government agencies.

That’s fuqing funny.

Some journalists should spend less time on Twitter, and more time reading grammar books (which I say with all due respect, because some are also very tender about being criticized on Twitter).

It doesn’t beg the question. The reporter doesn’t know what begs the question means. What she is saying may lead to other questions or raise questions, but it doesn’t “begs other questions.” I’ve brought this up approximately 8,000 times.

Let’s drink. And remember: vote liberal.

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