NDP proposal: abolish billionaires by taking 100% of their money; phase-out armed forces and convert them to social workers.

There’s a reason I call the NDP “the you’ve got to be kidding party.”

Here’s John Ivison in this week’s Postmedia column in advance of the you’ve got to be kidding party’s annual convention (National Post went with the headline “John Ivison: Preposterous NDP policy resolutions suggest the inmates are taking over” because they’re excessively polite and understated):

The NDP policy convention, taking place online this week, rarely disappoints.

In advance of the event, the party has released a raft of reckless resolutions submitted by riding associations across the country.

In this modern socialist utopia, the rich are taxed into insolvency, the military is disbanded and capitalism abolished.

That is an exaggeration – but barely. This year’s bumper crop of bad ideas includes: taxing all wealth over $1 billion at 100 per cent (“every billionaire is a policy failure”); compelling the Bank of Canada to buy all future Government of Canada bond issues; nationalizing “Big Oil”; expressing solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela; removing statues of John A. Macdonald, an “architect of a policy of genocide”, and, phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces (and subsequently retraining its members to work in community services, public transit and parks).

There is the usual toxic brew of anti-Semitism – Israel should be boycotted and sanctioned until it ends its “apartheid practices” – and foreign policy delusion – Canada should withdraw from NATO, NORAD and all major trade deals.

This isn’t mere “socialism” (and certainly not the phony “democratic socialism” they NDP always lie about. This is authoritarianism, and totalitarianism. This is communism. It’s also an indication that the news media has utterly failed in this country.

Even the state-owned CBC, which, as “state-owned” indicates, means they rely on the same sort of socialism that the NDP speaks to, has described the idea to take people’s property away in unvarnished terms — you know, the way they normally polish the NDP’s turds: “The resolutions being considered for debate at the convention include proposals to: Abolish billionaires by taxing all gross wealth above $1 billion at 100 per cent.”

The CBC also lists this communist notion although they fail to describe it as communism (turn polishers): “Create a Crown corporation to produce vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.”

Oh and of course, “Decriminalize all illegal drugs.” Which would sort of be a necessity since they’d defund all police (to wit: “…the complete or partial defunding, disarming and disbanding of police forces in Canada.”)

“Create a guaranteed basic income” so nobody has to work. Communist Utopia!

“Nationalize major auto companies and shift toward building environmentally sustainable cars.” Also, “Place the telecommunications industry under public ownership” by which they mean the entire internet, and phone services. So, everything.

Most every problem or aspiration the human mind — sometimes an apparently stoned mind — can think of in the world is addressed by the NDP, by having the NDP government take it over (by literally taking it from you or whoever owns it) and running it as a Soviet-style government; and by taxing everybody’s money away so that the government spends it on you instead of you spending it on you. Again, it’s just communism.

So yes, you do seriously have to be kidding. The fact that even low double digits of Canadians vote for this lunacy is astounding to me, and it speaks to a huge problem in education, misinformation, and the dissemination of left-wing propaganda, in Canada.

P.S. Followed-up with another post, here. 

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