MUST READ: Pete McMartin - on the Canadian family census numbers

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The Article

Columnist Pete McMartin, no strident conservative, writes an excellent column several times per week in the liberals’ Vancouver Sun—a paper which provides plenty of liberal-left ideological fodder for me to pick apart and generally sneer at,  in this space.  Today he does some of the work for me as he smudges the snappy shine the liberal media buffed into the story of what I called the liberals’ success in reaching one of their goals—the collapse of the traditional Canadian family. 

As I pointed out in my post, his own paper cheerfully called the collapse “A Portrait of Change” and gleefully informed us that “Same-Sex Marriage is Often for the Kids”, and other such tripe, in their cheery 4-page report.

All you need is love? Give me a break, already


In 40 short years, the reputation of the divorced single mother who lived across the street from me when I was a boy went from neighbourhood Jezebel to socially acceptable status quo.

Question: Is this is a bad thing or a good thing?

Our polite moral relativists of today would be loath to answer, but I suspect they would lean toward the latter.


As a married man with children, I now find myself in the minority. That I have three children makes me a statistical oddity.

In my place, in the wake of the heterosexual marriage, comes—according to Statistics Canada’s 2006 census—a majority patchwork of single-person households, childless couples, gay unions, common-law conveniences and single-parent families, or what society once called “broken homes.” No longer. Now they are called “unconventional” households—as if to give convention a bad name.

Little of this has caused much alarm. The census story had a half-life of exactly one day. The tone of reportage on it was that the family was changing, yes, but that society will muddle through. Leave It To Beaver might be a dying archetype, but Will & Grace and Friends and Two and a Half Men will pick up the slack. Families come in all shapes and sizes, dontcha know. And after all, all you need is love! Yay!

Which is, I want to volunteer, a heaping load of crap.


What the 2006 census showed was not that the family was changing: It showed that the family was dying. It showed a society in deep dysfunction. It delineated, statistically, a very real danger to the future of the nation-state itself.


Read his whole column—an excellent 2-minute read.

As regular PTBC readers know, I’ve been harping on this theme for a long time (two recent blog entries besides my latest column: “Canada: Make babies!”“Like I said: “Canada, make babies!”) , and I have purposely engaged specific regular PTBC columnists with an eye toward boosting “the family” and good traditional family values, like my friend Rebecca Hagelin, a VP of the famed Heritage Institute in the U.S., which stands up for tradition families and more, who pens an excellent column every week as posted here; and the excellent and popular Sheila Wray Gregoire—a Canadian whose column is among the most forwarded of all our columnists.  Barbara Kay recently wrote on the same census subject.  Other columnists at PTBC pick up on the theme on a regular basis too—since conservatives all tend to hold traditional family values as being among the most important values in society—in life.  Liberals?  Not so much.  Quite the contrary in fact, as we can see.

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