Liberal-left big brother gov’t to take all your guns away from you

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The Article


Oppressive liberals and their big government have now jumped the shark.  They’ve run amok.  They now intend to take away citizens’ right and freedom to protect themselves away from them.  “Liberal-left government will protect you—you needn’t protect yourselves.  Not even from us,” they claim. 

In other news, citizens appear willing to bend over and let them.  According to polls conducted by liberal-left polling firms and the liberal newspapers which commission them, and as reported on state-run media, most Canadians favor this submissive crap and will vote Liberal. Despite everything.

Liberals to ban handguns

Paul Martin will today propose a ban on most handguns in Canada, CanWest News Service has learned.

Sources say the Prime Minister will make the election campaign announcement this morning in Toronto, where deaths due to gun violence have jumped significantly this year.

There will be some exemptions, including maintaining the right for police to carry handguns. The Prime Minister is also expected to announce a significant increase in resources for police to deal with the ban.

The Liberals say the thinking behind this crime strategy is that if no one is allowed to have a handgun in Canada, policing authorities will be in a better position to act on anyone who has a handgun or attempts to transport or sell a handgun.

The announcement will include the banning of all registered handguns in Canada. However, sources say special arrangements will be made for gun collectors.

This crime prevention strategy will be announced as a key plank in the Liberal election campaign today.

Click here to watch Click here to watch liberal media’s
liberal (hopefully!) man-in-street

interview gone wrong

Also see a previous blog entry Liberal MP advocates police seizure of ALL guns from ALL citizens for no cause—with audio of Liberal John McKay caught on tape.

UPDATE UPDATE – 11:18 AM PST:  Also see the state-run CBC.CA People’s Web Site division of the Liberal Party’s letters from faithful viewers.  Too funny.  I think they might ban the state-run CBC division of The Party, next!  Seveteen letters against Team Paul (Big Brother) Martin, one for.

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