Let’s review: Conservatives ahead in polls; AND raise far more cash donations

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This is the third straight quarter this year in which I can happy-blog that the Conservative Party is vastly out-fundraising the Liberals and of course the fringe socialists of the NDP.

The Conservatives have raised more than DOUBLE the amount of money raised by the Liberal Party.  The Conservatives have raised over $10 MILLION while the Liberals have raised only $4.8 MILLION.  And the vast majority of the Conservatives’ donations come from individual Canadians like you and me in amounts less than $200.

This news comes on the heels of the latest polls showing the Conservatives AHEAD of the Liberals.  The latest poll shows the Conservatives at 31% and the Liberals at 28%.

Conservatives out-fundraise governing Liberals, again

The Tories have so far raised $10-million. The governing Liberals have raised only $4.9-million.

The Conservatives raised $3.2-million in the third quarter of this year, the most of any other federal political party, bringing their total so far to more than $10-million.

Elections Canada released the quarterly financial returns for the parties last week showing that the Conservative Party raised the most money, followed by the governing Liberals who raised $1,189,474.24.

The NDP attracted $721,605.70 and the Bloc Quebecois raked in $98,781.91.

The Liberals’ grand total for the year so far is $4,864,501.94, less than half the Conservatives’ total of $10,872261.36.The NDP has raised $2,415,486.04 so far while the Bloc have raised $301,490.99 in the last nine months.

Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper’s (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) director of communications William Stairs attributes the Conservatives’ success to the party’s large support base. “It shows there’s a strong grassroots system,” Mr. Stairs told The Hill Times, adding that the average donation to the Conservative Party was less than $100. “Our targets are to ordinary people, unlike the Liberals who solicit $5,000 from cocktail parties.”

Liberal MP John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood, Ont.) was surprised to find out the Conservatives had out-fundraised the Liberals for the third straight quarter and said he didn’t know the reason for it.

[…] The Conservatives, however, received $2.39-million in donations from 31,116 for $200 or less. Thirty-seven people gave the Conservative Party the maximum $5,100 contribution allowed. Their total contributors for the third quarter is 32,714.

Conservative MP Gary Lunn (Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.C.) said these figures are an indication of the current political landscape. “The vast, vast, majority of where our funds come from come from individual Canadians,” he said. “So it speaks volumes that the Canadian people are very frustrated with this corrupt government who are unable to raise money. I understand that a huge chunk of their donations come from larger donations from corporations so I think Canadians are sending a message.”

In contrast, the Liberals received $307,367.67 from 5,888 people for $200 or less and 28 people gave $5,000. Twenty-two of the 28 people who gave the maximum come from Edmonton, Alta.

I’m told that the membership and donation page for the Conservative Party of Canada is located HERE.

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