Leftists should check their idiot at the door


Ben Shapiro hits the mark in his latest column, a short one that says a lot.

In the wake of the Texas mass murder, and the one in Ohio (which, because the suspect is an ardent leftist, is getting short shrift in the media because of exactly what Ben is talking about), he writes this:

…We’re fighting one another for one simple reason: Too many on the political left have become accustomed to castigating the character of those who disagree with the left on policy. Favor tougher border controls? This puts you on the side of the white supremacist terrorist. Believe in Second Amendment rights? You’re a vicious, violent cretin covering for those who commit acts of evil. Cite Western civilization as a source of our common values, believe that police forces across the United States are not systemically racist, favor smaller government intervention in the social sphere — in short, disagree with the program of the American left? Most of all, consider voting for Trump? You’re an accessory to murder. …

Read the rest and moreover, fight back and drill some sense into them. As Ben says, if this can’t be worked out by the left, “we may as well pack this republic in. We’re done.” And who will they blame then?

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