Gillette shaves off BILLIONS in profits after “toxic masculinity” and “transgender” ads idiocy


Gillette infamously provoked an outlash from men who didn’t take kindly to their recent ads, in which instead of selling razors (which evidently they didn’t!), they gambled on appearing cool to the progressive set, and chose to pose as left-wing woke idiots. In the ads they bashed men as self-evidently bad humans due to their inherent masculinity, which of course Gillette and the progressive cools all deem to be “toxic”; and for making an ad — a serious ad — depicting a woman shaving her face after deciding to be a man — presumably not a “toxic” one, but that was never explained in the ad.

Reuters is reporting that men’s shaving products maker Gillette’s parent company Proctor and Gamble lost BILLIONS in the last quarter, due to an eight billion dollar non-cash write-down of Gillette. The losses resulted in parent P&G losing about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30.

Turns out Gamble is a fitting part of the name here.

Many men declared at the time that they would stop using Gillett products, obviously, which was easy since there are lots of alternatives, some of which may be better and cheaper. Apparently those men were true to their word.

They switched to other products. For example, I use Dollar Shave Club (Canada), which mails razors to me every month after first mailing me a nice handle (I got two handles — one for my wife). DSC is now owned by Unilever, another giant firm, but without the anti-male baggage at least thus far. There are lots of other choices as well. Some men swear by the old safety razor which is cheaper and arguably as effective, and made by many firms such as Feather (made in Japan). Check out West Coast Shaving for safety razor supplies. There are reports that men have complained that Dollar Shave Club’s competitor “Harry’s” is also anti-male, due to an anti-male Tweet that they deleted after a male backlash, so I steer away from them as well, as I am a male.

If they really believe their own propaganda, maybe Gillette should do some research and come out with an anti-“toxic masculinity” tonic or lotion to boost sales. New Gillette PuffBall! Apply daily to your nether regions, and tran, tran, transition your way to a more feminine, less toxic man! Or if they really want to be woke and liberal, create ads that insist folks stop wearing their Gillette deodorant products, and that women stop shaving their underarms, legs, and whatnots. I do not endorse any of these corporate moves.

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