Leftist women quoted as if they’re normal, in scare story

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The Article

Yikes!  If this opening paragraph in this totally liberal-left biased scare story (not to be confused with “news”) is true, then the implication seems to be that the Conservative child care initiatives might actually help slow down or even end the massive growth of the colossal, bloated, liberal-left nanny-state behemoth governments in Canada, which smother citizens like so many socialist/communist countries do with their benevolent social programs that nurture citizens as if they were mindless minions.  That’d be terrible!  You know, for the liberal left!

Conservative child-care strategy takes women out of workforce, critics say

Fewer Canadian women will be able to contribute to the national economy if the federal Conservative government scraps a national child-care program set up by their Liberal predecessors, women’s advocates said Monday.

As Exile, who sent me the story said, “It’s BAD to give money to women!  It’s much better for an elite-run bureaucracy to care for children.  If you give women money then women will stay home with their children.  That’s not good for socialist education!”

Oh my goodness somebody call Castro for advice.

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