Joel’s Handy Iraq War Reality Check

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Sometimes I have nightmares about falling into a what could only be described as a liberal-left media-spinning vortex of lying biased Hell, so I apply this handy reality check that I devised for myself just to center myself again. I also give it to liberal-left friends who argue (with all the logic and common sense that liberal-lefties can muster) with me about how they think George Bush did the wrong thing going to war in Iraq. I never get the Reality Check results back from them though. 

Updated October 7 2004

Joel’s Handy Iraq War Reality Check
A helpful aid to assure me that I’m not insane.

  1. Did Saddam Hussein and his sons and members of his dictatorship murder,  rape, torture, and cut limbs off of Iraqi citizens?
  2. Did Saddam Hussein and/or his henchmen rape and torture children in front of their parents in order to punish/terrorize the parents?
  3. Did Saddam Hussein and/or his lieutenants murder thousands if Iraqi citizens every year?
  4. Was Saddam Hussein a brutal dictator?
  5. Was Saddam Hussein and Iraq a state-sponsor of terrorism?
  6. Did Saddam Hussein at any time have WMD?
  7. Did he use WMD at any time?
  8. Did he violate U.N. resolutions?
  9. Did he cooperate with U.N. inspectors?
  10. Was there a chance that after the U.N. inspections were completed, Hussein would turn into a good Samaritan?
  11. Since Saddam Hussein is still alive, should he be re-established as President of Iraq?
  12. Was he a sworn enemy of the United States?
  13. Whether or not Saddam Hussein had WMD at the moment of the U.S. invasion,  did Saddam Hussein retain the knowledge, the material, the means and the intent to produce weapons of mass destruction and could he have passed that knowledge on to other terrorist enemies of the U.S.?
  14. Did the Duelfer report indicate that Saddam Hussein’s main pre-war goal was the removal of international U.N. sanctions?
  15. Did the Duelfer Report also support Bush’s argument that Saddam remained a threat and that Saddam Hussein had not lost his ambition to pursue weapons of mass destruction and hoped to revive his weapons program if U.N. sanctions were lifted? And if so, did it also indicate he had every intention of going back to his weapons program as soon as sanctions were lifted?
  16. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, was there any connection at all between al Qaeda and Iraq?
  17. Are there credible reports and a U.N. internal investigation currently underway to determine whether the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program with Iraq was corrupted by bribery and pay-offs, possibly involving U.N. staff, as well as Saddam Hussein’s theft of billions of dollars through the program?
  18. Did John Edwards say, during the Vice Presidential debate, that al Qaeda was located in 60 countries? And if so, did he mean that Iraq was not one of them?
  19. Did other world leaders agree that Saddam Hussein was a threat?
  20. Did the U.S. Congress and other political figures such as both John Kerry John Edwards agree that Saddam Hussein was a threat before the war?
  21. Did anti-American terrorists reside in his country with his knowledge and support?
  22. Did he kick U.N. inspectors out of his country?

After I complete the Reality Check, I ensure that I answered “Yes” to every question except numbers 9 – 11.

It turns out that I always, always, say no to 9 – 11.

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