I didn’t know I was ticked until my government told me. Thanks media.

God this news media sycophancy to government is repugnant to me.

It’s not real unless the government tells me it is. Well, certain governments, anyway. It’s not true unless the premier says so. I was incapable of feeling this or sorting it out myself. Thanks paternal benevolent government. Thanks media for the hot take and not fake news report.

I’ve said before about how the progressive’s news media division so love Government, the bigger the better, that every, single, thing, has to be about the government. Its the most important thing. Every page of every paper is filled more with government news than about anything else in life. Everything is all about the government.

But my God. We didn’t need John Horgan, who among other things has locked us down as best he can except as pertains to Black Lives Matter protesting during which the science somehow said it was totally fine; and that mid-pandemic opportunistic power-grabbing election-caller and political campaigner, of all people, to tell us the pandemic has ‘turned our lives upside down.’  And strange use of the term “our,” as he continues to collect his overly-generous salary and pension along with every other of the countless people in government, as untold numbers of people are going broke and their businesses are in ruins. We are fully aware of who or what turned “our” lives upside down and why.

Joel Johannesen
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