HUGE west coast salmon run wrecks the “man-made global warming” festival

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The Article

Suddenly it's a 'mystery', and it's NOT a trend!  It’s weird isn’t it?  For years the salmon runs have been terrible, and the scientists were DEAD CERTAIN it was the “man-made global warming” (or, depending on their self-serving and often left-wing topic du jour, “corporate” fish farms!).  Why, by golly, the science was settled!  The debate: over! 

Now that the salmon have gone and bucked their well-studied and certain trend, the scientists are absolutely positive it’s (in purely scientific terms —which we know because as you can see, the rest of the headline says “scientists say”!) …officially …a …um ….“mystery”

And it WAS a trend!  Now it’s uh, positively NOT a trend.

The scientists and professional “man-made global warming” alarmists are even invoking —- yikes —God, to explain the “mystery”.  The opening line in the liberal’s Vancouver Sun story employs the word “miraculous”. 

Scientists studying a 20-year decline in the Fraser River sockeye run say this year’s miraculous abundance of fish is likely a blip and not a sign the fishery’s problems are over.
Vancouver Sun story

“Miraculous”, you say.  Huh.


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