Stephen Harper, Conservative, Would Cut Taxes, Raise Sanity

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The Article

In coming up with common sense answers to nagging sustained problems created by Liberals in Canada over many years in power which in the process has turned Canada into a laughing stock for Americans, Conservative Party of Canada leader Stephen Harper’s election platform is shaping up as one which would be sure to steer Canada in a more sensible direction.

This is seen as an affront to Liberals in government and the media and schools because steering Canada in the right direction is contrary to Liberal philosophy—the main problem being that under a Conservative government, Canadian citizens would be legally allowed to go wild with their crazy “getting on with their lives” and money-investing ways and building and saving Canada—without official government programs and social-engineering plans which caused the problems in the first place.  The gall.

Liberals rely on victims (that’s you!), and to freely create government policies to save all the victims, and that requires government programs, and when those programs fail which they always do, they fix them by doling out more taxpayer funding to fix the problem programs, and when even that fails which they do, they add fresh new programs to fix other ones.  Meanwhile, Canadians vote for them because of all the victimness and all the saving themselves from victimhood that they need.  Plus there’s all those juicy promises of more spending on more programs to fix new problems you didn’t know you were going to have but they’ll make sure you do… and then save you.  Again.

Of course Canada can’t even remotely defend its own borders in the meantime, but the Liberals are open to dialogue with Osama bin Laden about just leaving us alone.  Despite that whole Afghanistan thing in which Canada helped crush Osama bin Laden’s Taliban regime, Canada, they will tell him, is all about that whole “We Hate America” thing.  Hating America is the strategy Liberals hang their hat on in lieu of fighter jets.  The backroom boys already have nice touristy pots of maple syrup ready to gift Osama and all his diplomats in beaucoup quantities!  Thank God they’ll have bilingual labels.

At the root of the Liberal’s new problem is a Conservative promise of an $18 billion tax cut, but that’s just the beginning of the broad-ranging common-sense plans.  No wonder the Liberals are having a hard time understanding it—it’s not in one of the official languages (“left-wing”, or “or-so-very-left-wing”).

Other plans:

  • Roll back taxes by 25 percent for middle-income earners.  This would mean a 16 percent income tax for those earning under $70,000.  That’s an excellent start.  Still not enough to grow Canada by selling Canadian citizenship abroad and overcome what apparently only current Canadian residents see as the pleasant frozen tundra-like qualities of living in the great white north, as compared to the ten times more popular U.S.A.

  • Invest $1.2 billion more per year in “Canada’s military”.  Double that and I’d be happy, but I’ll take it.  Could mean I’d be able to remove the quotes from the phrase “Canada’s military”, some day.

  • Reduce capital gains taxes. I still don’t even remotely understand the concept of keeping a tax which penalizes risk-taking by Canadians and successful investment in Canada by Canadians.  I’m sure they’re simply appeasing the liberals of Canada who act as though they don’t want me to invest in Canada and get in the way of their doing it for me with my money.

  • An innovative new Canadian savings plan.  Perhaps as a back door to a capital gains-free investment vehicle, this “Registered Lifetime Savings Plan” (RLSP) would allow Canadians to invest as much as $5000 per year of (already taxed) money that they earned, without being taxed even when that investment is sold.  This is on top of the existing personal retirement accounts (RRSPs) that most Canadians already have in which money is taxed as it is withdrawn (after it has grown substantially in most cases, adding to government coffers at old folk’s expense.  When I was a stock broker, we used to call this the “kick the old fogies in the nuts before they die, tax”).

  • Fixed Election Dates. Real grownup democracy could come to Canada with the stroke of a pen.  No wonder the Liberals never thought of it. Would this be just too American for the Liberals? Borrowing from their anti-American pro-socialist health care rhetoric handbook, Liberals will soon be calling this “American-style free elections and democracy as if we’re free people or something”.

  • Elected Senate. See above.  Add: Has simply been too difficult for the Liberals to figure out a way of keeping it “All-Liberal, All The Time”, like all of Canada’s political institutions and crown corporations.

  • Scrap the gun registry. So far, it has cost over $1 billion dollars to register guns in Canada.  The budget was a few million.  They should have spent a billion dollars arming Canada against terrorists, but I’m sure they’ll think of that immediately after several hundred or thousand Torontonians get a whiff of some of the gas that Saddam didn’t account for and which remains unaccounted for according to the Liberals’ beloved United Nations.

  • Eliminate the capital tax. An effort to make Canada a little less like communist countries.  It just might.  Make it “a little less like…”, I mean.

  • Tougher law and order. Just solid law and order would be an improvement.

  • Stronger ties with the United States. Gee.  Ya think?  After the Liberals have darn-near ruined a relationship with a nation Canada totally relies on to buy Canada’s goods and save it from third-world status, oh and defend us in the event of an invasion, yeah, I for one think.

  • Ban all union and corporate political donations.  Fine.  Also, change the system of election finance by registering party affiliation on tax forms to specify your preference for funding.  A fantastic move.  This is so obviously needed in light of the hideous method used now, which only Liberals could have thought of, and then only if they were drunk.  The Liberal plan? Provide government funding to parties based on the percentage of vote they won in the previous election.  How quintessentially Liberal it is to think backwards instead of forward.

    The Conservatives seem open to changes in health care, but haven’t spelled this out in any detail yet.  Their official platform hasn’t been released yet. But watch for the Liberals to immediately (no matter what the platform is) start using their favorite scary warning technique, the complete and utter nonsense bumper-sticker slogans:  “American-style health care = Bad!!” and “Two-tier system = Scary!!”.

    The more we make them repeat those lines and make total fools of themselves, the better.

    More on this all later when there’s more to go on.

    Joel Johannesen
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