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Welcome to liberal-left lala land. That smell is nothing to worry about.  We’re the state!  We know best.

As we know, only the state and their institutions like hospitals and their unionized employees can really be trusted to provide healthcare, and safe and clean food and food services to you and your family.  Unionized ones. The science is settled.  The debate: over. That’s why we must prevent the “neo-cons” from creating an “American-style” healthcare system, what with their private operators and evil profit motive. 

OK that was fun, if communist-y. 

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, and unlike most private enterprise restaurants and even state-owned but contracted-out food service facilities, the state-run (and staffed by unionized state employees) kitchen and cafe at the Delta Hospital in British Columbia has, for the 5th time, failed its food safety health code inspection.  Provincial health inspectors who visit restaurants and kitchens in B.C. ranked the state-run facility as a “HIGH HAZARD” for the public. 

The place was not kept in a sanitary condition and was not free of pests, according to the report. And by “pests” they did not, in this rare case, mean “patients” although I can understand your confusion because that’s how Canada’s state-run health system thinks of patients —they meant actual bugs and vermin. 

Other violations listed in previous inspections included potentially hazardous foods stored at inappropriate temperatures, equipment and utensils not properly washed or working, and this is the part I liked the most:  at least one employee lacked good personal hygiene, clean clothing or hair control.  And I bet she still doesn’t shave her underarms (blaming it on the “progressive” underarm piercings).

Don’t worry—it’s not limited to publicly-run hospitals.  Delta Secondary School’s cafeteria also got a high hazard rating.

Vote liberal.  These are the same folks who want to look after your kids in their government-run daycare (and “early learning” —wink!) program. 

As posted in my “J-Lines” quips:

• Just Tuesday I blogged about a public state-run hospital and a school in BC which failed the food safety health inspector’s inspection and each got the worst “High Hazard” ratings. Today I read where the BC Liberal education minister has decided that evil corporations (you know the ones—the ones that manufacture kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies!) will henceforth be forced to stop pushing all that evil “junk food” down our innocent school children’s throats via those evil corporate vending machines which are of course demonic. (Of course the state-owned and run BC Lottery Corporation will continue to license and tax the 8 billion slot machines in the thousands of casinos in BC which generate untold BILLIONS in profits for provincial coffers each year. Oh and cigarettes.

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