Fourteen days ago riots broke out in Paris suburbs after two Muslim young men, who were running from the cops, stopped and took refuge against the wrong electric fence and got KFC’d. 

BTW, does anyone know exactly how many virgins Muhammad allots juvenile delinquents who die because of density?  I believe they’re each awarded two cross-eyed, chunky girls with Tourette’s.  If you know precisely what they’re granted, drop me a line at [email protected]’

Anyway, somehow other Muslims turned this Johnny Knoxville-like Parisian Jackass skit into a good excuse to tear down their neighborhood.  This, I think, is kinda strange.  Call me weird, but when my friend Lurch “hair-lipped” Limpnicky was being chased by the Muleshoe PD for stealing taters and was subsequently killed after hiding in a running woodchipper, oddly enough, destroying our F150’s never came to mind. 

Here’s something that’s wild:  It took nearly two weeks of Muslim mayhem, i.e., shooting cops, torching thousands of Renualts, fire-bombing buildings, with the violence spreading to over 300 different cities, before BB-testicle French President Jacque Chi-croc finally decided to play hard ball by instituting a curfew for the hooligans. 

Oooh!  Ah!  Scary. 

I bet the thousands or Molotov tossing Muslims are petrified now.  President Chi-coward went on to warn that if the curfew does not work and they’re still acting naughty that he’s going to take away their weekly allowance, not let them watch cartoons or go to the mall—and this time he’s not kidding, Mister.  Yes, be afraid all vandals . . . the French quail is pissed.

Twelve days to respond!  Y’know, if what’s left of my memory serves me correctly, I believe that the French sautÃ