FOR SHAME: “I abstain on behalf of the Government of Canada,” said Garneau in the House of Commons.

The Trudeau Liberals have shamed themselves and Canada. The Trudeau Liberals didn’t just abstain, they stained Canada.

Trudeau hurried out to the throngs of Black Lives Matter protesters in the summer and took a knee to virtue-signal to the world and show just how “woke” he was, and display his disgust in his own country and at all the “systemic racism” in his deplorable Canada, which is at best an arguable position and at worst, utterly hideous; but on this, he shies away. Hides in a closet. Abstains.

The Conservatives tabled a motion to formally declare China’s treatment of the Uighurs a genocide. You know, like Trudeau breathlessly did regarding Canada even before joining the the BLM mobs. Canada is a genocidal nation he implored us to believe! Trudeau is good with calling Canada a genocidal nation, but he could not offend his Chinese Communist friends. Or are they his overlords? I honestly wonder at this point.

The Trudeau Liberals decided to take Communist China’s side on this motion. Against Canada. They chose to abstain from voting.

The motion passed nonetheless, with the other parties all seeing the light and voting in favor. Earlier, the House of Commons subcommittee on international human rights concluded that the situation was a genocide. But once again, Trudeau knows better and goes off on his own, just like he has done so many times before, igniting scandal after failure after more scandal.

I cannot fathom what exactly the Trudeau Liberals love so much about that Communist dictatorship that they keep sucking up to them, at Canada’s expense. There’s something very odd at play here.

Joel Johannesen
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