FALSE. Newspaper labels extreme left-wing group “left-leaning.”


From the Vancouver Sun’s perspective, the extreme left-wing Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, where the “alternative” they speak of is full-on socialism, is “left-leaning.”

“…Documents released to Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a left-leaning think-tank…”

This is what is known in the arena of sane people as “a farce.”  Again, that’s “a farce.” Some might call it “fake news,” largely on the basis that the newspaper is selling us a lie within their “news reporting”, but really, it’s just “a farce.”

Also see the psychological term “gaslighting,” a technique common amongst cult leaders, wherein a “left-leaning” news media entity like the Vancouver Sun repeats falsehoods over and over such that the innocent observer finally succumbs to the political agenda being promulgated, thus brainwashing the victim. E.g., to drag the populace way leftward by soft-welling socialism as merely “left-leaning,” totally normal and cool, so that down the road, normal conservatives will be seen as “extremists” and “racists” or “white supremacists,” and “fascists;” and capitalism is seen as “tyranny” and “undemocratic.”

Also see “man-made global warming.” Also, “men can have babies.” If time permits, see “Canada’s got the world’s best healthcare system.” If on vacation, see “Conservatives have a hidden agenda.”

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