FACT CHECK: Another Liberal Lie. Middle Class Taxes Are UP, Not Down

I think they’ve stopped doing it now, possibly because they figured out that they were making a mockery of themselves, but for a good long time, one radio station’s online news site kept posting reports by AP or Reuters (can’t remember which), which obviously came from a news desk specifically set up to “fact check” every Donald Trump statement each day. You know, because the liberal media group-think ethos is that “he lies all the time,” and it’s ever-so important to maintain truth in society, it’s their job to stand up to lies, suddenly, since Trump was elected, or something, and reasons, and so on.

It’s unlike those ever-so angelic and honest politicians on the Democratic side who need no fact checks, ever, because Trump is a, um, “threat to democracy,” somehow, or whatever, etc.

As conservative readers can imagine because they see it all the time, usually the “fact checks” were themselves replete with left-wing talking points, lies, or whopper exaggerations reported as fact; or they took Trump literally when they obviously shouldn’t have, or they presented him totally out of context, on purpose. The usual scam. This news outlet would post these “fact checks” right along with their other news — always using the most smug imaginable language in the headline, disputing Trump’s statements with the suffix like, “…Yeah, that’s a lie…”

I’ll grant you this: I can’t understand a news media which plays along with a lie instead of challenging it. It’s basically their job to challenge those in power and report the truth. It’s a question of how and why you are doing it. Driving a political agenda? And being smug while doing it? Not a good idea. It betrays your bias, and your arrogance (and both are in plentiful supply in today’s liberal media). The thing is, the Joe-honest media only ever fact-check conservatives or Republicans. They kindly play along with liberals or those further left.

The news media in this country are all playing along with multiple Trudeau Liberal lies; and one doozy is the utterly unchallenged notion that they have reduced taxes for the middle class, and the ongoing bromide going into the election that they’re thus all about the middle class. The media are thereby essentially helping to disseminate lies. So much for their need to preserve democracy, et al.

Here’s an excellent read by Jake Fuss and Milagros Palacios, economists at the Fraser Institute, who explain how the big lie works, concisely and in plain language: “Actually, this federal government has raised taxes on Canada’s middle class.

And even after publishing this good article clearly explaining the lie, editors will continue publishing stories of Justin Trudeau and other Liberal politicians promulgating the lie that they’re reducing taxes for the middle class, acting as stenographers, seemingly being published directly from Liberal Party HQ, without challenging them. Andrew Scheer they’ll challenge — on everything he says. And if they’re too lazy to ask Scheer (or too afraid because the answer will squash their liberal talking points), they’ll subtly claim the existence of a scurrilous “hidden agenda.”

Duly fact-checked, and true as hell.

Joel Johannesen
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