Don’t trust the media and Liberal spinners. Read the truth.

The Fraser Institute’s Niels Veldhuis and Milagros Palacios fact-check the Liberal Party’s spin (and the media’s) on the latest StatsCan jobs numbers, which the Liberals (and their media) claimed were marvelous. Spoiler alert: they weren’t.

Don’t be like the media and politicians—actually read StatsCan data on latest job numbers

… Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau was quick to share these findings on social media, proclaiming “Great news as Canada blows past expectations, creating more than 81,000 new jobs last month!”

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a few interesting facts in StatsCan’s employment numbers:

  • 96 per cent of the jobs were in two provinces—Ontario and Quebec
  • 71 per cent were part-time jobs—that is, of the 81,000 new jobs 57,200 were part-time
  • Full-time employment actually decreased by 7,500 jobs for those over 25 years old—this means all full-time growth went to those under 25
  • Oh, and women over 25 years old working full-time were the hardest hit, with employment decreasing by 31,500 jobs

Hardly good news, Minister Morneau.

Another article by the same Niels Veldhuis but with Jason Clemens this time, “Media fuels Morneau’s state of denial,” is a good companion piece, speaking to the spin — the lies, actually — from the media and the Liberals about the latest StatsCan quarterly economic growth numbers. (I wrote a post about this earlier this week on the day this site crashed. The backup of the site was done prior to its publication, so that was lost.)

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