Dion smells fishy. Let’s “strike”!

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The Article

CTV story shows how Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion fishes for just the right words. 

CTV.ca article

Dion, meanwhile, remains coy about whether or not he’ll pull the plug on the minority Tories.

“Politics is like fishing,” he told CTV Montreal on Saturday, while he was campaigning on behalf of candidates contesting two upcoming byelections. “You need to strike at a good time.”


image1.  When the CTV reported that he remains “coy”, did they mean koi
2.  Do you want a “coy” prime Minister?

coy  (koi)
adj. coy·er, coy·est
1. Tending to avoid people and social situations; reserved.
2. Affectedly and usually flirtatiously shy or modest. See Synonyms at shy.
3. Annoyingly unwilling to make a commitment.

3.  Do you want a koi prime minister?
4.  When was the last time you used “strike” to describe the best time to go fishing?
5.  Are elections and our nation’s future in any way “like fishing”? 
6.  Is “the best time” for the nation the exact time when your party’s poll numbers are high?

Dion should fish or cut bait. 


Joel Johannesen
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