CTV News relies on “CNN FACT CHECK” of Melania Trump. Seriously.

I see idiotic @CTVNews tweets all day long, but some days it’s like they’re trying to be stupid. Or funny. Or go broke.

Does CTV News actually, really, truly, rely on CNN fact checks (or as they typed it, “CNN FACT CHECK”)?; and quite apart from that poor journalistic judgement, do they really think it’s honest and in good faith to fact-check only the Republicans at their convention, but literally cheerlead the Democrats during their convention, which is what has and is still happening at both CNN and CTV as the RNC continues?

Because if so, they’re being redundant. They’ve already made their partisan political position quite clear, and it’s quite evident they’ve openly declared some sort of political propaganda war against half the country (which is to say Canada, in case you’re confused). And that probably includes you.

I mean really. Seriously? OK wait —I can answer my own question. No, this is not serious journalism. This is partisan hackery. And they’re embarrassing themselves. Or they should be. If I worked at CTV, I’d quit, and save my dignity.

Then as if to help bolster my case, I get to respond to this JohnWMarxll tweet:

And then, as if immune to any causational relationship, they tweet this:

Hard to explain the weird “financial pressures”.

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