(UPDATED) CTV division of the liberals is very excited about new Liberal campaign slogan

(UPDATED BELOW) — The CTV division of the liberals can’t contain their excitement about their new election campaign slogan, revealed in a Liberal Party media release dated today but which CTV started tweeting about last night. In just over 12 hours, they’ve already tweeted about it four times. And they’re now cycling it on their news network as well.

For some weird reason, they only tweeted about the Conservatives’ new slogan twice in the past three and a half days, and there’s nothing on their news network today, which would be a logical day to juxtapose them. The Conservatives’ was first revealed very early Friday morning, but they also have a media release dated today.

They seem to be tweeting about the Liberals’ fantastic new slogan about every four hours today. And the Conservatives: about zero times every day.

And the CTV’s Liberal News Network or whatever they’re called is all over it, and playing their new ad, giving it more play than even the Liberals are paying for I would imagine. On one segment, they had a three-man panel discussing the new ad and slogan. Just the Liberals’. Not the Conservatives’.

(ABOVE: NOT SATIRE — The image of the multimillionaire elitist and mega jet-setter Justin Trudeau taking a bus in their new ad is hideous, but the news anchor did Trudeau a solid and kept a straight face.)

The Conservatives got hardly a mention on Friday when their slogan was first revealed in their new ad. The earlier of the two tweets is without even a photo, which the CTV rarely does. And neither tweet even said what the slogan is. Maybe they were trying to save money on internet ink.

So CTV’s all fair ‘n square, you guys.

For its part, the state-owned CBC is actually being more fair. They’re covering both new slogans today; however they once again knowingly confuse the electorate with the use of mixed party monikers (Liberal Media Style Guide: Liberals are never “Grits”. Conservatives are most often but not always “Tories,” but please use both to cause maximum confusion at the ballot box), and they fail to type out the whole “Tories” slogan because state’s budget doesn’t allow for much internet ink.

CBC headline:

Liberals ask voters to ‘choose forward’ while Tories vow to help Canadians ‘get ahead’ in new campaign ads

If they typed “Grits ask voters to ‘choose’ while Conservatives vow ‘It’s time for you to get ahead'” (fewer characters!), Justin Trudeau would take the bus over to CBC HQ and fire some CBC butt for his or her alleged experiencing differently the rules of the game.

UPDATE: Since publishing this post in which I suggested that this would be the day to discuss BOTH news slogans instead of just the Liberals’, CTVNews’ Twitter account has tweeted this:

“Tories.” But not “Grits.”


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