Obamas to buy soon-to-be-underwater $15M island mansion; and Beto O’Rourke fries-up climate death burgers

AMERICA — In a couple of fun Democrat newsbites (and I could go after about eight of ’em today), we have (1) Barack Obama, whose administration warned of the looming man-made global warming crisis wiping out islands and lowlands due to enormous sea level rises, reportedly in escrow to buy exactly one of those islands — one which his administration specifically said would be sunk by the sea level rises. For $15 MILLION.

Yes people, the guy who said “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money,” and the guy who said “There’s only so big a house you can have…” is buying a 29-acre $15 MILLION mansion in uber wealthy enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. So yeah, this one is itself a three (or more)-fer: An elitist scold buys an island mansion while claiming to be everyman and scolding those who have money that “they dint build that,” while also apparently lying outright about the sea level rises he scolded us all about, while also betraying his whole climate change scoldathon as nothing more than a political charade that he droned on about for eight scolding years or more, buying a house and acreage that 34,800 homeless or illegal alien people could live on.

And (2) we have Dem presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” (for some reason) O’Rourke who videoed himself frying greasy hamburgers, for other reasons nobody in their right mind can possibly explain. In what appears to be wool pants and an Oxford shirt. Indoors. In August, when it’s 90 degrees. Not on the BBQ outside. And this, during a “climate crisis,” in which eating beef is literally Hitler. Beef, which he says is part of reason for what he says is “the greatest existential threat we face.” And putting two patties with factory-processed “cheese” on what appears to be an untoasted english muffin. With a side of broccoli. With two other frying pans on the gas range frying up more greasy non-vegetarian, non-vegan, hamburgers. Hamburgers, I tell you. Vote Beto 2020.


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