Columnist fears “right-wing”, Ann Coulter, Heritage Foundation; but labor unions are just terrific

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The Article

Once again the liberal media presents its print product as, well, a newspaper, wherein more than half of the front page is devoted not to presenting the news, per se, but rather to what they and their liberal-left-promoting columnists THINK of the news, and of course what they therefore want you to think of it too.  And here’s how that went, today in Vancouver BC. 

imageCorporations want to build POLLUTING plants.  Not plants that employ thousands and supply the demands of newspaper columnists and other liberals, but no, just POLLUTING plants.  They have no altruistic values whatsoever.  And merely engaging in freedom and capitalism and the free-market system is inherently bad.  They must be stopped, see?

Developers are GREEDY, by definition, no explanation necessary.  And naturally they only want to BUILD HIGHRISE TOWERS… and only in SINGLE FAMILY NEIGHBORHOODS.  Not create jobs, meet society’s needs in the marketplace (even the “social housing” demands of the socialists and other columnists), or employ people (not even union people).  No.  They’re GREEDY!  And they only want to wreck your perfect l’il single family neighborhood!.  They have no altruistic values whatsoever.  They must be stopped.

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS (all of them, equally, apparently, no matter whether they’re fundamentalist Muslims seeking Sharia Law, or Christians) are only BENT ON OVERTURNING VALUES HELD BY THE MAJORITY.  They must be stopped (all of them, because they’re all the same, see).

Ann Coulter is CONTROVERSIAL, by definition, and no other explanation as to her self-evident obvious badness is even required.  It’s completely self-evident in every regard.  She must be stopped. 

The Heritage Foundation is RIGHT WING and self-evidently, that too is bad.  You need only say “right wing”, and leave that on its own merits, or lack thereof in this case.  They must be stopped.

But labor unions, well, you see, seek only to PRESERVE JOBS during the economic recession.  They must be stopped?  Oh hardly.  Who wants to stop unions from preserving jobs during a recession?  And by the way, they’re not left-wing, even if some are overt and militant socialists, and have ties to Marxist organizations.  And by golly, that’s not “controversial”. 

Foreign influence in our local elections is troubling
Daphne Bramham
May 12 2010
Vancouver Sun

…At the federal level, there are spending and contribution limits as well as a prohibition on foreign donors. Yet B.C. lags at both the provincial and municipal levels. Perhaps the perception is that the benefits to a donor are such chicken scratch at the local level that it’s not worth the effort of regulating.

But the reality is that buying a city council is extremely cost-effective, whether it’s a corporation wanting to build a polluting plant, a greedy developer with plans for a highrise tower in a single-family neighbourhood, a religious organization bent on overturning values held by the majority, a union determined to preserve jobs during the economic downturn or an individual bent on altering the status quo.

As a prime example of all the self-evident badness going around (except for unions wanting nothing but to preserve jobs), she provides one regarding a Mark Ziebarth.  He lives in Summerland.  So what’s the problem?   Well, aside from admitting he lives in Summerland, she describes him only as (and as if this is all we need to know) “an American” and someone who once “did work with the Heritage Foundation (a right-wing group that has produced such controversial figures as Ann Coulter)”

Yikes.  Ann Coulter you say.  Well need I say more.

This other conservative purveyor of truth, the “right-wing” ProudToBeCanadian, has for more than Ann Coultersix years carried the column of the “controversial” Ann Coulter (seven-time New York Times best-seller, constantly in-demand mainstream news media star, and popular syndicated newspaper columnist (unlike Daphne Rebecca Hagelin Bramham, if I may so picayune), making her mainstream by definition, even if also “controversial” — only to liberals and extreme leftists — because of that fact).  And PTBC also carries the column of a Vice-President of the Heritage Foundation, Rebecca Hagelin, who writes about the controversial “traditional family”.  And “family values”.  Ooh!  How controversial.  Like we even had to tell you how controversial that is.

…Mark Ziebarth is a good example of how loopholes can be exploited. An American who did work with the Heritage Foundation (a right-wing group that has produced such controversial figures as Ann Coulter), he now lives in Summerland.

During the 2008 campaign, Ziebarth wrote and paid for four ads in The Summerland Review and one in The Penticton Herald supporting pro-development and eventually successful candidates for mayor and council.

Ziebarth is also a 2009 board member of the Downtown Penticton Association —which, in addition to living there, if we knew that, would slightly alter the basis for her complaints about him (I mean besides being “American”, “right-wing”, and having dared work for the evil Heritage Foundation, which some in-the-know recognize as a great —and mainstream conservative — organization, “bent on” speaking up for traditional American values and pushing back against abject socialists and nutbars; and not for “producing” Ann Coulter).

Inasmuch as the news story at play centers around Vancouver and municipal political campaign funding, it might have been worth noting that far-left labor unions are by far the biggest financial contributors (and in terms of volunteer help, and other forms of contribution) — in the entire gamut of both local and larger Canadian politics, and that they give almost exclusively to the left and far-left candidates, who won handily in the last election in Vancouver.  CUPE was by far the biggest donor, at $692,480 (just to left-wing Vancouver area candidates!), dwarfing all others including the top corporate donor (a developer) by a factor of nearly ten.  The second place donor in Vancouver was what could only be described as a far-left opposite of the Heritage Foundation — something called “Renewal Partners” — which seeks “social change”.  I believe this is code for socialism.  They are tied to the Tides Foundation — ultimately an American-based organization funded by the far-left (and American!) billionaire George Soros, who funds everything on the internet that is left-wing and far left, like the extremist left-wing site and the rabidly anti-conservative smear site Media Matters.  But don’t worry — that all is not remotely “controversial” or “left-wing”.

And it might also have been worth mentioning that those labor unions, for all practical purposes, are actually anything but solely interested in altruistically “preserving jobs” and other such specious claptrap as held out by their apologist columnist Daphne Bramham and the like-minded liberal-left sisterhood.  They are also militant left-wing politicos, and they all but own the socialist New Democratic Party in BC and all across Canada.  And that, to my way of thinking, is in fact “controversial”, and “left wing”, and not altruistic at all whatsoever. 

But I think she and the Sun got their points across.

Joel Johannesen
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