CDC issues dire code-red warning to avoid all travel to Canada

Over the last weekend the Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. issued their highest warning to avoid all travel to Canada, due to Canada’s horrible — dangerously horrible — response to the Wuhan Virus (which they refer to as “Covid-19” for some weird reason having to do with being idiotic pretend-anti-racist advocates, or something).

This is obviously huge — and hugely embarrassing — news for Canada and its economy and our family life, to say nothing of trade and the importation of goods, so I’m sure you’ve read all about it and have seen in on all the Canadian news media. Right? Right? 

Not even close, since nearly no Canadian news media has mentioned it. The Toronto Sun mentioned it. That’s about it. The state-owned CBC? Nothing. Liberalvision CTV? Nada. Trudeau’s Toronto Star division? Nyet. His Globe and Mail squad of ideological marketers? Bubkes. Global News’s Trudeaupian bobble-heads? wǒ bù xiǎng qù (“I not want to go,” apparently). Thank God (well, Him, and the benevolent Liberals and their Dear Leader) for all that taxpayer news media sponsorship money. So thank YOU, taxpayers. And voters. Heckofajob. Job well done.

And why do you suppose this lie by omission — this dereliction of journalistic duty — is occurring? Well, see above, and oh here’s some additional breaking news: the Canadian news media is totally, utterly, and completely in the tank for the Liberals and the left including the NDP (which survives only because the news media props it up). They will studiously avoid all stories that embarrass the liberal and left, and which might damage their electoral chances, or degrade the ideological story-telling and propaganda efforts they engage in daily. Avoid travelling there at all costs as they are literally a danger to democracy. Code red.