Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Why Palin Petrifies Progressives

According to the Progressives, women cannot be

I’m Proud to Be a Heretic to the Preening Progressives

What do the preening Progressives demand from the multitudinous rubes of the left, right and center? Well, that

Liberals Attempt to Stifle Soldiers’ Ability to Vote

The Left has so derailed and so thoroughly misread America that it would be a miracle if they won cheap seats to Leif Garrett

Why Pastors Punt on Political Issues

The other day I was queuing up to speak at a conference about

ObamaCare, Alinsky & Useful Christian Idiots

President Obama, having a rough go at getting the un-churched masses to buy/sell his Health Care Swill, has turned to the brethren (hallelujah!) to...

When Blacks Attack Barack

I am forbidden to critique BHO and his boys on anything they say or do. Yes, if I do utter anything derogatory regarding his...

Imam Rauf to the USA: “Silence! I Kill You?”

Imam Feisal Rauf, fresh from his Middle East

The Slum Lord Millionaire: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Man, it was hard picking an op-ed mark this week because the chum slick was so thick with fresh chunks of juicy lunacy from...

Ground Zero Mosque Opposition: ‘You Might Be a Bigot If…’

Just before London morphed into Londonistan and became the hotbed for international terrorism, the Muslims in the UK cowed the Brits into submission by...

Why Do Feminists Attack Sarah and Not Sharia?

Given Islam

Now I Know Why Brad Dumped Aniston for Angie

After Aniston

The Separation Between Muslims and Taste

Building a mosque at Ground Zero is like OJ’s mom putting a glamour shot of Orenthal over Nicole Brown’s gravestone. In other words, it’s...

Mama Grizzlies: Obama Wants More Time With Your Cubs

Hey mama grizzlies, it appears as if the White House wants more time with your cubs. Yep, I guess Barack and his socialistic cabal...