UPDATED: Canadian journalist demands explanation for Rumble allowing free speech

It seems to me it’s a pretty crass repudiation of freedom, particularly freedom of speech, coming from a Canadian journalist who you’d think would demand it completely —instead of questioning it and possibly even insinuating some weird moral imperative to end it. This is the same freedom of speech upon which his employer — the Globe and Mail — completely relies. Upon which Canada and the entire West was built. Now being questioned. By journalists.

Yeah, this is normal.

It’s a two-part tweet by Rumble, the new-ish video platform that seeks to take over where censorious Youtube has canceled so many and abridged free speech. It is pretty clear to read but I’ve posted their attached Globe and Mail emails separately to save you a step.

Here are the G&M emails (click them to see them bigger in-screen):

It’s really quite astonishing how this journalist (and so many Canadians, Americans, Europeans…) has allowed a sort of mob mentality — a censorious, mind-control kind of select information filtering regimen — to permeate his own thinking as a journalist. The mob members don’t want to hear any other side (Trudeau calls them those with “unacceptable views,” IIUC) of any argument aside from the “officially accepted” side, whether it’s on “gender,” “racism,” “climate change,” or “Ukraine.” But they don’t want YOU to hear anything else either.

And here’s Rumble’s response:

It’s a perfect response. And you’d think the journalist would now be spending some time reassessing some core principles (like whether he still has them), and how those principles have actually enabled his job (we could go so far as to say his entire life); and how questioning a platform’s free speech policies in this way seems to insinuate that you’re against it. Leading to all sorts of questions. But no, I’m afraid he’s busy writing his article decrying Rumble as a “Putin-loving” “far-right-wing” “misinformation” platform dominated by “fringe” “extremists” (which, by the way, include me, Tulsi Gabbard, Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee, and other such radicals who still have a voice on the evil dangerous interwebs where scary nefarious free speech may leak out and inform you “wrongly.” According to them).

Glenn Greenwald is all over it: Western Dissent from US/NATO Policy on Ukraine is Small, Yet the Censorship Campaign is Extreme (substack.com). And here:

It all reminds me of when Fox News Channel was banned in Canada by the Liberals, with the full backing, naturally, of the NDP, and individual progressive activists not excluding too many in the “news” media. It was only in 2004 that the ban was finally lifted, only after extreme pressure from the likes of me and PTBC, and only after they first considered imposing content restrictions on it exactly as they planned to do with al Jazeera. They had actual committee discussions about imposing content restrictions on Fox News, to provide for the safety of Canadians’ tender liberal-led (indoctrinated?) minds! So this censoring of information is really nothing new to the liberals and progressives. They’re just getting worse — more censorious — now.

Know this: since the all-knowing, benevolent government — “allowed” FNC to be seen by Canadians, they can also disallow it. You think there isn’t a push by several freedom-suspicious journalists to end Fox News in Canada? And others? Think again.

Anyway, here’s a fun scan I posted from our own local paper at the time Fox News was unbanned in Canada by the Liberals:

They refer to “Ottawa”, but of course that was the LIBERALS


UPDATE April 14, 2022, 0940 PDT
I wrote an update in a separate post because — shockingly for me — I went on too long for it to be a simple update to an existing post.

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