Sea levels will rise! By like a meter! (**In 3,830 years. Maybe. Assuming a million things happen.)

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Here’s the latest in an ongoing statistical analysis they’ve been presenting, this time on Victoria BC. That’s another city that has formally declared a “climate emergency” by its left-wing woke mayor and council, despite being a town that pretty much relies on fossil fuels to fuel its tourism (and perpetually-traveling government)-based economy.


Our second stop on the CDN tour of seaside destinations in search of rising sea levels takes us to the city of Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island with the mighty Pacific Ocean lapping at its shores. Victoria, capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia, is what passes for a warm-weather holiday destination in Canada. And when you see this chart of Victoria’s annual mean sea level since 1980 you will understand why the government of British Columbia has long been on the vanguard of climate alarmism in Canada. Or not.

Over the past 40 years the sea level at Victoria has risen by about 0.26 mm per year, at which rate it will take about 3,830 years to rise one meter. Assuming the next ice age doesn’t happen first.

If you’re one of those short-sighted people who thinks in terms of centuries rather than millennia, over the next 100 years the sea level at Victoria will rise by about 2.6 centimeters, which on the San Juan Islands just east of Victoria would be one inch. And if you think one inch of seawater is an existential threat, you shouldn’t be living near the shore. Or arguably without adult supervision anywhere.

P.S. As always for this series our data source is the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level in Liverpool UK. 

Don’t imagine this example is unique and that’s why I chose it. They’re all much like this.

While you’re at it, don’t miss this video explainer about The Little Ice Age, which we’re mercifully warming from now: “Big Trouble In The Little Ice Age.”

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