BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW! CNN fires star news anchor over anti-Jewish — or just asinine — remarks

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The Article

Rick Sanchez with a vital news alert from CNNThe Jooz are behind this!  Oh I mock the left-wing idiots. You only see those kinds of remarks, all the time, in left-wing blogs and news sites’ comments sections, and when left-wingers and the “progressives” lash-out at right wing sites like this one, when they’re attacking conservatives who dare to express their opinions about anything.  But you don’t normally expect it to leak out of star news anchors at big liberal cable news networks (I mean you know it might exist, hiding inside, but the leaking out part, you don’t expect).

So Imagine if Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity or Glen Beck were fired.  Or to be fair, the guys whose Fox News Channel shows compete at the same time slot as the fired CNN anchor’s — Shepard Smith (3:00) and Neil Cavuto (4:00) (snicker — competition-wise, Fox wins these time slots by many multiples over CNN and every other cable news channel).  Imagine they or any Fox News personality were fired for making, shall we say, asinine remarks concerning someone’s Jewish culture.  The someone in this case being Jon Stewart.

My God man.  Can you imagine the breathless headlines in the liberal media?  Can you imagine the joy and exultation spanning the entire news and entertainment media?  Footage of their supposed idiocy and “extremism” and “racist” remarks for weeks on end….  it Jon Stewart dares to say something negative about a liberal news anchor for first time in 800 yearswould be a festival.  Another anti-conservative-apalooza.

But I bet you didn’t know that CNN’s star news anchor Rick Sanchez was fired yesterday.  You go ahead and try, right now, to find the story at,, the Globe and Mail, National Post, The Toronto Star, or any of your favorite papers.  It’s not there.  So here’s a little help (and note that although the CBC search actually indicates a story about it this morning, the story is actually NOT THERE —maybe it was pulled quickly after they posted it, allowing them to claim they did indeed post about it — for 13 seconds (this is pure conjecture on my part).

Toronto Star
National Post
Globe and Mail
State-owned CBC

It does appear at CNEWS.CANOE.CA — way down in their “Media News” sub-section, mind you —not right up there with their other huge stories today, like this one:  “Prairies get flurry of ferrets”.  And it does appear at Fox News Channel.

• Read all about it at — “CNN’s Sanchez Lashes Out at All His Perceived Enemies in Radio Interview”.
…And their later open thread about the actual firing, here.
• Also this good read with videos of Sanchez gaffes:  “Rick Sanchez Fires Himself

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