$42 (CAD) in Canada, $17 (USD) in USA.

A tire gauge from Amazon.com (USA) is $17 (USD). In Canadian dollars (CAD), that US product is $22.60. [Screenshot]

That exact same product at Amazon.ca is $42 (CAD). Exactly same model number (100PSI-H). [Screenshot]

The US Amazon page says “+ No Import Fees Deposit & $7.18 Shipping to Canada”. And it would arrive Oct 9-19.

The Canadian Amazon product: no delivery fee (Prime member or not), but “Arrives: Oct 14 – 26,” which is a span of one week later than the same product delivered from the U.S.

So total AMAZON.US cost: $17+$7=$24 (USD). In CAD: $31.91

Total AMAZON.CA cost: $42, and a delivery a week later.

Clearly a discrepancy. What explains it? The seller’s notion that that you’re a terrible shopper and you’re lazy; and that they can therefore get away with what is essentially a rip-off, I suspect.

Who are the actual sellers here? Remember, Amazon also acts as a storefront in addition to a retailer in its own right. In Canada, the product “Ships from Canada and sold by Townsgate Market.” On the American site it says, “Ships from Amazon, Sold by

Also — and I will say this every time I remember to — buyers have a right to know — easily — where the product is made. I try to avoid products made in the communist authoritarian dictatorship of China, where they engage in slave labor, murder dissidents, hold political prisoners from Canada and elsewhere, and start global pandemics that ruin lives and kill countless thousands of others without apology. I will also avoid North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and any other socialist countries for similar reasons.

A simple “WHERE IS THIS PRODUCT MADE?” line should accompany all items on all online storefronts.

In this case, the question was asked in the Question/Answer section, and it appears to have been asked by someone who agrees with me (which is not at all uncommon, I’m pleased to say:

Question is asked: Is it made in China, because if it is, I will avoid it.



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