Globe and Mail: OK to dehumanize Trump because we hate him

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The Article

Both the left and the right have long fought the temptation to sink to our base instincts when discussing or criticizing our political opponents. It’s not just about politeness, but civility. Literally, our very humanity.

Nobody would argue we need, at this time in our world, less politeness, less civility, less humanity.

Actually, that’s not true at all. Many on the left and far-left are rioting and burning down cities, at least in the U.S., as we speak. They respect nothing, nor anybody – no human, past, present, or future. They live their base instincts and don’t know or even remotely care what happens next (and it won’t be good, which is why we value “humanity” so much). So, them aside.

But I think – or I thought – the intelligent, normal thinking, caring people among us still clung to that basic human quality that values our share humanity, which, after all, largely separates us from the “animals” – rodents, gnats, etc., which idiots and jerks and Hitlers compare their opponents – or those they hate – to.

There was a day – I think it ended on Tuesday – that “dehumanizing” your political opponents was the last vestige of a total asshole a scoundrel. Readers, Twitterers, Facebookers, politicians, talking heads – everybody would lash out at anyone who dared to “dehumanize” an opponent in order to make a political point. Calling them an animal of some sort, or an insect, or simply implying the are sub-human, gives us license to squash the so-named, or in any case, irradiate them —as in the Holocaust; or just treat them as garbage, as it were. That’s why the behavior was called out as abhorrent and literally, the epitome of lowbar and utterly classless behavior, beyond redemption until a solid backtrack and apology were issued.

A backtrack, or deletion, on the part of the Globe and Mail is what I expected when I saw this filthy display on my screen:

Aside from the obvious fact that the article is still there even after Globe and Mail staff had had the chance to give their heads a shake, sober up, or heed the complaints I’m sure (I pray) they’ve gotten, the article is still there. (The article is written like that of a juvenile writer who’s parents hate Trump, and compare him to an ape, or garbage, or a rat, and therefore his worldview is exactly that, and, of course, since he lives in that horrible bubble, he naturally, blithely, smugly, thinks everybody in the room agrees with his blinkered – filthy – take. In this case, that Trump is garbage, or a rodent, or something other than human, which can, and maybe should be, eradicated. It’s put there as self-evident. Right in the headline, un-nuanced as it is, and within the jejune article itself, without backup, except the likes of well duh.)

The irony abounds. Trump is, here, being analyzed as if he were a chimp, by someone who has no clue who he is except from TV and the papers and electronic media. No clue as to his humanity at all. And moreover, he literally couldn’t care less. He hates Trump. That’s what he wants to share with you. How nice.

That’s not using one’s “humanity” to discuss an opponent. That’s garbage writing.

UPDATE: Apparently anything goes now. Trump is human trash, Trump is a Nazi. Just say whatever, it’s all good. As long as you say it about the right person. Otherwise, you’re dead. 


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