The You’ve Got To Be Kidding Show - on CPAC—AFTERNOON UPDATE

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The Article

Shirley Douglas, daughter of Tommy Douglas who sounds very much like a communist to me, former wife of Hollywood liberal Donald Sutherland, and mother of Kiefer, confirms the religion of Liberalism that our Ann Coulter speaks of.

She said at her pulpit, and I quote, “I was born with the CCF.  If I had a religion, it was the CCF.”

Wikipedia cheerfully informs us: 

Shirley helped to establish the fundraising group called “Friends of the Black Panthers”[**] and was subsequently refused a U.S. work permit due to this. As a result, she returned to Toronto in 1977 with her three children.

They call her “Shirley”!

** Black Panthers—from Wikipedia:

…The Black Panthers focused their rhetoric on revolutionary class struggle, taking many ideas from Maoism. The party turned to the works of Marx, Lenin, and Mao to inform the manner in which it should organize, as a revolutionary cadre organization. In consciously working toward such a revolution, they considered themselves the vanguard party, “committed to organizing support for a socialist revolution.”

Therefore, “Shirley” was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 2003.  Well duh!  That was under the watch of Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the titular head of our nation at the time, CBC reporter and Liberal Party appointee Adrienne Clarkson.  (She’s been replaced by CBC reporter and Liberal Party appointee Michaëlle Jean, as we know.)

The You’ve Got To Be Kidding Party diocese continues its worship session this weekend…

Let us pray.

** Previous report from today.

** Yesterday’s report.

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