Women’s podcasts are sometimes annoying? And here’s why? It’s cuz of racism and hatred of women?

Amazing. Well done, The Star. Virtually ever sentence in this missive is excruciating and unbearable.

‘Unbearable’ and ‘excruciating’: Women podcasters face discrimination for their opinions and their voices

The women complain about being inundated with complaints from their listeners about their opinions and their delivery. So, “discrimination!” Sexism! Woe is me, for the listeners are misguided and have wrong opinions and need women’s studies classes!

One complaining woman pocaster says she doesn’t even like the sound of her own voice on recordings. You know, the exact same sentiment shared by absolutely every human on the planet, like me, a man. But she attributes this global human phenomenon to…. “hatred toward women.” You know, her own hatred toward herself, cuz like she’s a woman. Watch!

Dobrinskaya said she doesn’t “love” listening to the sound of her own voice and attributes it to a socially constructed and internalized hatred toward women.

“I have to get over it every time I hear myself on radio, or TV or even these podcasts. There’s a little bit of that. It’s internalized misogyny; my voice is fine,” she said.

That was the most uninternalized excruciation I read all week. But there’s more:

Voices distinguished by “upspeak” or “vocal fry,” two traits commonly associated with young women, will stick out.

Upspeak (sometimes called uptalk) is when the speaker makes an upward inflection at the end of their sentence as if they are asking a question; vocal fry is the somewhat creaky or growly sound made when a person speaks in a lower tone than their natural voice.

This isn’t misogyny. It’s simply the human trait of finding it unbearable to listen to people who — obviously knowingly because they’re apparently being told over and over; and often on purpose and certainly carelessly — speak like this because they think it’s trendy or Kardashian, despite how dumb and/or annoying it actually, factually, makes them sound? Maybe grow up?

Who’s to blame? You guessed it. White men Or straight white men? Or something?

That “neutral voice” is the stereotypical broadcast voice of a straight white man, McGregor explained. Voices distinguished by “upspeak” or “vocal fry,” two traits commonly associated with young women, will stick out. …

“Voices that deviate from that (white male) norm are often policed as being not authoritative, not comforting, as being annoying, irritating, hard to listen to,” said McGregor.

No word in the story about whether their opinions, as perhaps exemplified above, are just objectively stupid, and their manner of speech is in fact unbearable and excruciating to the vast majority for good reason.

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